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Year 5 – Art

Children in Year 5 have designed their own Roman Villas, making sure they included key features like columns and arched windows. #Dimensions #Romans #Art

Year 1 – Art

The three little  pigs didn’t feel safe living in the same town as the wolf. Year 1 created a new land for the wolf to live in. Take a look at their excellent drawing skills.

Year 4 – Art

Year 4 have been learning about Banksy and his work in art. We learned how he uses his art to give his opinion about events that are happening in the world. Children also imitated this style and drew images to portray slavery.  They added key words to their images #banksy #art #meaningful

Year 6 – Art

This week, the children have enjoyed exploring the wire art sculptures of Pietro D’Angelo. They then created their own sculptures inspired by his work. #Dimensionscurriculum #Art #Year6 #wireart

Nursery – Art

This week, in Nursery, we have continued our learning about caterpillars. We explored where they live and what they eat. We then looked at what caterpillars look like. We have then been drawing caterpillars in different ways. We drew them at the mark-making table using pencils and felt-tip pens, we painted them at the arts and crafts and even had a go at drawing them on the interactive whiteboard.
@DimensionsCC @EricCarle

Year 1 – Art

As artists, Year 1 have made Inukshuk models. We explored different materials and used them to make a collage background for the Inukshuk. @DimensionsCC #arcticcircle

Elmer – Art

Merry Christmas from all the children and adults in Elmer!
The children worked extra hard to produce their own hand prints and create the grinch, reindeers and Santa. It was very messy but so much fun!

Year 1 – Art

Cinderella, you shall go to the ball!
As artists, Year 1 used different techniques such as rolling, squeezing, pulling and pinching to make clay thumb pots for Cinderella so that she can keep her jewellery safe.

Year 4 – Art

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Year 4’ s Lightning Speed topic is coming to an end but before we finish we have researched the life of Joannes Gutenberg and here is what we found out:

At the beginning of the 1400’s there were an estimated 1000 or so books in the West, however by the end of the 1400’s there were an estimated 100,000 books to be found in the West. Why? Because of an inventor and craftsman named Johannes Gutenberg. Johannes introduced letterpress printing to Europe with his movable type printing press. Though movable type was already in use in East Asia, Gutenberg invented the printing press, which later spread across the world. His work led to an information revolution and the unprecedented mass-spread of literature throughout Europe.

It used to take 3 years to hand copy a Bible in Latin before the letter press, however with Gutenberg’s invention they could print 180 copies in that time.  One of Gutenberg’s Bibles is now worth a staggering £30 million – just think how many books you could buy with that!

Not only did we research, we had a go at printing ourselves

. Maybe we have the next printing specialist.

Year 5 – Art

Year 5 have been busy painting planets for the backdrop of their upcoming “Mission Control”  space performance. We can’t wait to see it all in action!

Term 3

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