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Welcome to Brackenhill Primary School

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I am delighted and honoured to have been appointed as the new Headteacher of Brackenhill Primary School.  I feel extremely privileged to have been chosen to continue to build upon the success the school has already achieved under the leadership of Ms Metcalf.


As most of you are aware, I have been part of the leadership team at Brackenhill since I started in 2009. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, I have always prioritised children’s safety and wellbeing and that they can achieve to the best of their ability. My aim will always be to ensure that as a school we provide children with the opportunities to achieve their full potential through developing their independence and providing academic excellence.


I hold a strong belief in the power of education to change children’s lives and the right of every child to receive an excellent education. I am dedicated to building opportunities for students to achieve the highest academic standards, ensuring that they are known well as individuals and that their unique personality, talents and interests are nurtured and developed to the full.


Brackenhill Primary is a good school with the potential to be excellent. I am keen to meet parents and carers, to give you the opportunity to say hello and also ask any questions you may have. From my experience of being in education, I know that a successful and happy school depends on all of us working together. Parents make an important contribution to children’s achievements at school, and I want to develop the relationship between the school and parents for everyone’s benefit.


In the first few weeks, the staff and I will be making sure children settle into their new classes and are clear about the high expectations we have of them. I believe children should feel welcomed, inspired, safe and supported when they are learning. They will achieve well if they are clear about what is expected of them and the steps they need to get there.


If you have any concerns, then please do not hesitate to speak to me. I will be visible on the playground at the beginning and end of school on most days, but please feel free to email or leave a message at the office and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Mrs Nair Ishtiaq



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