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Ethos and Values

We aim to prepare our children to contribute positively to our diverse and changing society, by fostering the pursuit of excellence in academic, practical and physical skills, and by developing the quality of mind, body and spirit so that all acquire a sense of responsibility, awareness of right and wrong, effective social skills and high self esteem.

We strive to provide a secure and caring environment in which all children are valued, stimulated and motivated.

We shall have high expectations of all our children and will endeavour to develop close partnerships with their parents to fulfil these expectations.

We expect our children to respect:

  • all people of whatever race or culture
  • the beliefs of others
  • the rights and property of others
  • the rules and standards of the school and the wider community
  • the environment
  • their own bodies

We expect our children to acheive:

  • high standards of literacy and numeracy
  • a wide understanding and skills across the curriculum
  • a high level of self-control

We expect our children to develop:

  • lively inquiring minds
  • co-operative and independent skill
  • an awareness of the inner self
  • flexibility to react positively to change
  • self-discipline
  • personal interests
  • enjoyment of learning and of life
  • an awareness of safety and good health