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Maths Mastery

Mrs Zeb will be running a Maths mastery club for KS1. This will give children an opportunity to explore maths in a broader context including, reasoning about numbers, fluency and problem solving. Higher level thinking questions will be asked so that children can explain how they have worked out an answer. This will be closely linked to the work that is done in class during Maths lessons and reinforced to promote a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. Children will have plenty of opportunities to investigate SAT’s style questions that require them to sort and compare, seek patterns and look for rules. This will prepare them for the SAT’s tests taken towards the end of key stage one.

We are learning how to tackle difficult questions in Maths Mastery club. We have been investigating problems and unpicking them to make sure we can fully understand how to work them out. We have been using different methods such as, pictures and bar modelling to show our working out. If we can explain how we have worked out the answer, it shows we have a deeper understanding of the problems. In our Maths Mastery Club we also orally discuss the problem to help us answer reasoning questions correctly.

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