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West Yorkshire,
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Brackenhill Primary School Staff List 2016 - 2017

Senior Leadership Team



Ms H Metcalf

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs N Ishtiaq

Assistant Headteachers

Miss S Mir & Miss L Truesdale

School Business Manager

Mrs R Partovi

SEND Coordinator

Miss C O’Hare



Teaching Staff



Teaching Staff

Support Staff






Mr S Brown

Nursery nurses:

Mrs S O’Connor, Mrs U Patel

Mrs S Parkington-Camden – Foundation (Mon,Tue,Wed am)

Mrs I Ilyas – Foundation (Wed pm,Thur,Friday)

Reception Oak

Reception Cherry

Mrs T Serrant-Fontaine

Mrs S Rashid/Miss L Truesdale/Miss N Hussain

Miss C Fieldhouse – Nursery Nurse

Miss S Larkin – Special Needs Assistant

Miss L Newman – Nursery Nurse

Miss M Iqbal – Special Needs Assistant

Year 1 Spruce

Year 1 Pine

Miss S Usman

Miss C O’Hare / Mrs E Thomas

Mrs C Coles – support Year 1 team

Mrs F Kauser – support Year 1 team

Ms Z Sheikh – Special Needs Assistant

Mrs V Cottrell – Special Needs Assistant

Mrs D Brear – HLTA Year 1 team

Year 2 Maple

Year 2 Holly

Mrs G Zeb

Mrs R Garbutt

Mrs A Ahmed – support Year 2 team

Miss M Khan – support Year 2 team

Mrs S Din – Special Needs Assistant

Year 3 Willow

Year 3 Ash

Mrs A Tahir

Miss S Hamid

Miss I Farooq – Special Needs Assistant

Mrs R Karim – Special Needs Assistant

Miss F Aliasat (Vacancy) – Special Needs Assistant

Mrs T Sharif – HLTA Year 3 team

Mrs S Walker – support Year 3 team

Year 4 Larch

Year 4 Cedar

Miss E Wright

Mrs S Kauser

Mrs S Nasir – support  Year 4 team

Mrs S Malik – support Year 4 team

Mrs R Stebbings – HLTA Year 4 team

Miss S Blezard – HLTA Year 4 team

Year 5 Beech


Year 5 Aspen

Miss Q Ali


Mrs C Naylor / Mrs J Cockburn

Miss J Robinson – support Year 5 team

Mrs L Mulligan – across Year 5

Mr L Birkinshaw – support Year 5 team

Miss G Day – HLTA Year 5 team

Year 6 Rowan

Year 6 Sequoia

Mrs L Bradford

Mr T Parker

Mrs R Khan across Year 6

Miss N Ali – support Year 6 team

Mrs N Jabeen – support Year 6 team

Mrs K Begum – Special Needs Assistant

Hub / Elklan

Mrs H Birkenshaw

Miss F Aliasat





Non class based teachers


KS1 Nurture Group & in class support

Miss L Hooley

ECAR / interventions

Mrs S Brindle

Maths Champion

Mrs Z Salebhai



Pastoral Care Team


Learning Mentor

Mr J Saunderson

Learning Mentor

Miss L Thomas

Behaviour Champion

Miss J Eccles

Home School Liaison Officer

Mrs S Shah

Home School Liaison Officer

Mrs R Akhtar







Administration Team


PA to Headteacher and SLT

Office Manager

Clerical Assistant - Finance

Clerical Assistant - Pastoral

Library & Resource Assistants

ICT Apprentice

Receptionist Apprentice

Mrs F Holmes

Mrs T Lee

Miss E Hollindrake

Mrs F Constance

Mrs A French & Mrs S Hepton

Mr L Hartley




Site Staff


Site Manager

Assistant Site Manager


Mr M Myk

Mr P Charles

Mrs H Patel



Lunchtime Team


Senior lunchtime supervisor

Lunchtime supervisors

Mrs Z Salebhai

Mrs A Ibrahim

Mrs F Khanan

Mrs I Akhtar

Mrs J Yeadon

Mrs K Dayalji

Mrs P Akhtar

Mrs R Saddique

Mrs R Takolia

Mrs S Banwait

Mrs S Akhtar

Mrs S Kouser

Mrs Y Khalid

Mrs M Arif

Mrs S Akhtar

Mrs F Jabeen

Miss N Ali

Mrs S Din



Cleaning Team


Cleaning supervisor


Mrs A Delaney

Mrs R Takolia

Mrs S Khan

Ms S Khan

Mrs S Khan

Mrs R Kausar