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Welcome to Nursery!  We have two classes – Red Apples come in the morning and the children in Green Apples come in the afternoon.  Our Nursery Teacher is Mr Brown who is supported by a team of Early Years Practitioners: Mrs O’Connor (full-time), Mrs Camden (Monday to Wednesday) and Miss Iqbal (Wednesday to Friday).

In Nursery we have lots of fun learning new skills through a range of different play-based activities and experiences which aim to develop children’s learning in all the areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum. Children have access to indoor and outdoor continuous provision which includes sand, water, ICT, music, phonics, books, mathematics, mark-making, small world, creative, construction and role play. We try to ensure that all areas of continuous provision are focused on each child’s individual needs, interests and abilities.

We may also enhance these learning experiences by inviting visitors to Nursery to talk about the topic we are learning about or by visiting new places like the farm. There is an opportunity during each session to learn independently, in small groups and as a whole class. 

Whilst our Nursery environment encourages children to make their own choices regarding the activities on offer, members of staff are on hand to provide help, guidance and educational support where appropriate.

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Mr Brown, Mrs O’Connor, Mrs Camden and Miss Iqbal

Spring Term


As part of their school Enterprise project, all of the children in Nursery made a personalised calendar. At the beginning of January we invited parents to come and buy their child’s calendar from the Nursery Calendar Shop. We raised lots of money for the school, and our parents are now the proud owners of an attractive calendar that can take pride of place on their kitchen wall! 

Chinese New Year

Towards the end of term we celebrated and learned about Chinese New Year. One of the facts we learned is that red is a lucky colour for people who celebrate Chinese New Year. So we made sure we had plenty of red play dough, red water and red decorations in Nursery!

Red Nose Day

It was Red Nose Day in March this year. By wearing our own clothes and not wearing a uniform, (and by putting on our red noses of course), we were able to raise lots of money for children in the UK and different parts of the world. 

Science Day

The theme for our latest Science Day was ‘Space’. In Nursery we were very excited when we visited the Planetarium in the school hall. It was like a massive tent, and inside we could see lots of images all about space. Back in Nursery, we continued the theme in various ways: making moon and stars pictures; creating play dough aliens; writing about and drawing aliens; and even hunting for aliens on the Shredded Paper planet!

World Book Day

We had great fun on World Book Day when we dressed up as different characters that related to the school theme of ‘Villains’. Some of us still managed to look cute despite our best efforts to look villainous!  

Autumn Term

New Beginnings

At the beginning of every year in Nursery we learn how to do new things. Here are some photos of the Nursery children learning and practising their new skills. They include things like how to line up, how to sit still and listen, and even how to eat a packed lunch!

Outside Provision

Here are some photos of the Nursery children enjoying their outdoor provision. A big part of their learning outside involves their physical development (climbing, balancing, kicking or catching a ball, running without bumping into anything, and so on). However, there are always opportunities to access other areas of learning such as writing and mark making, counting, turn taking, problem solving, investigating, constructing and role playing. 

Owl Visit

One of our favourite stories in Nursery is Owl Babies. In December we were very excited when we had the opportunity to see some real owls when they visited our school. Not only did we learn some useful information about owls, but we also held them on one of our hands. We had to stand very still and quietly when we were holding the owl so that we didn’t frighten it.

Science Day

On 14th December the children in Nursery joined the rest of the school, taking  part in Science Day. We had lots of fun through exploring, investigating, observing….and dressing up!

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