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Oak and Cherry

Welcome to Reception at Brackenhill Primary School where we have two classes, Cherry and Oak. 

In Cherry Class Miss Truesdale is the class teacher Mon, Tues and Weds morning and Mrs Rashid is the class teacher Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday. Miss Newman is our full time Early Years Practitioner.

 In Oak Class Mrs Brindle is the class teacher Monday and Tuesday and Miss Hooley is class teacher Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Patel is our full time Early Years Practitioner.  We also have Miss Rawson and Mrs Sidat who work across Foundation Staff as Early Years Practitioners.

Reception is a fun and busy place to be! We have many wonderful, hands on and exciting learning opportunities for your children. The children get the opportunity to explore and learn both indoors and outdoors. We have a very experienced team and are really proud of the progress our children make in Reception. We always encourage and welcome support from parents, please look out for information we send out in newsletters about how you can help your child.

Please feel free to take a look at our planning and photos to see just how exciting Reception can be!


The Reception team.

Spring Term

Chinese New Year

We love to take part in world celebrations! We celebrated Chinese New Year in Reception class and had a fantastic time! We learnt facts about China, what Chinese people believe about New Year, the gifts that are given and how homes and streets are decorated. We Had a Chinese lunch in school and had the chance to practise using chop sticks.

In class we explored this theme through a range of activities including making dragon puppets for a mini parade, setting up a Chinese restaurant in the playdough area and making new year cards, even spelling, ‘Kung hey fat choy’ ourselves!

Snow Day

Wow snow!

The children couldn’t wait to get on their coats, hats, scarves and gloves and go outside and play in the snow.

The children had a wonderful time building snowmen and having snowball fights (sensible of course!!) They had so many wonderful things to say – it was a lovely end to the week!

Traditional Tales

Our Theme this half term has been Traditional Tales.

The children really enjoyed dressing up as The 3 Little Pigs and of course everyone wanted to be the Big Bad Wolf!

The children explored and used different materials to build houses for the pigs. They dressed-up as builders while undertaking their very important building work!

We also read Goldilocks and The Three Bears which meant we got to explore how ingredients change when cooking. We made porridge and just like Goldilocks, we ate it all up!


We are getting really good at PE now! We are learning a range of skills, we loved using the parachute with Mr Birkinshaw!



In Maths we have been learning about measures. We have learnt a new word, ‘Capacity’ and have been learning to measure how much a container holds. We can order objects from the longest to the shortest and have used the balance scales to compare the weights of objects, which was extremely helpful when following the recipe for porridge!



This half term the Reception Class children took part in a number of science activities

They went to visit the Planetarium.

This is what they said about it.

“First we went to visit the Planetarium.

Then we met an alien called Pixie.

Next we met a man called Colin.

Finally Colin told us all about the Planets and the Solar System.”

All the children enjoyed learning about Space and the Solar System.

Autumn Term

The children in Reception class have settled in well and are able to work together showing mutual respect and tolerance of others as part of our work around British Values.

They have enjoyed reading and retelling stories including ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.’

They have started to learn and apply their phonics knowledge in the different areas of provision and are keen to become fluent writers.



We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Science Day

We dressed up as scientists and had lots of fun on Science day investigating, testing, experimenting and observing!

We tested to see which material the car travelled the fastest on.

We used vinegar, biocarboinate of soda, washing up liquid and water to activiate our volcano model and see the lava pour down like a real one!

We mixed cabbage water with lemon juice and washing up liquid and found that the colour changed.

We smelled the herbs to find out which one is used in toothpaste. It’s mint!

We bought bottles from home and made sensory bottles using oils, water, glitter and brusho.

Owl Visit

As part of our Light and Dark topic we have been learning about nocturnal animals. We focused on the story ‘Owl Babies’ and also learned lots of facts about owls from non-fiction texts.

We got the opportunity to look at an owl up close! We got to see different owls and were fortunate to wear a special leather glove for a barn owl to perch on!

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