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Oak and Cherry

Welcome to Reception! In Oak Class we have two teachers called Mrs Thomas and Mrs Waerea. We also have Mrs Patel who is our Early Years Practitioner to help us every day. We’re going to have some much fun learning this year in our classroom and outside too. Keep checking back to our page to see what we have been doing each half term.

We have two Cherry class teachers called Mrs Rashid and Miss Truesdale and an Early Years Practitioner called Miss Newman. We are very lucky to have Mrs Ilyas and Mrs Parkington-Camden who work across Foundation stage in a job share role.  

We will be having a very exciting year filled with lots of new learning from a range of appealing topics and themes. We have the opportunity to explore our environments indoors and outdoors in a range of contexts. Keep your eyes peeled for all our news every half term!

Autumn 1 - Diwali Day

Diwali day was a fantastic day! We had parties, wore our own clothes and learnt about the story of Rama and Sita. Mrs Mistry brought some of her special belongings in from home and trimmed up our classroom. It looked beautiful. The room was full of fairy lights and smelt of incense, it was the perfect atmosphere for our celebrations!

Autumn 1 - How to Wash Our Hands

On Tuesday 10th October the school nurse, Bev, visited us to teach us how to wash our hands. She put some special cream on three children’s hands and put them under a UV light. The cream showed up as blue on their hands and that was like when we get germs on our hands. They shook hands with the rest of the class and then we held our hands under the light. We were surprised to see all our hands looked blue as the special cream had transferred onto our hands like germs would! We then washed our hands very carefully and found that our hands were no longer blue, so we must have washed them very carefully.


Bev told us we have to wash our hands before lunch, when we’d been to the toilet and if we had got muddy when we were playing outside. She gave us a certificate to say we were now expert hand-washers!

Autumn 1 - Toothbrushing

We have been learning about how important it is to look after our teeth in Reception Class. We can look after our teeth by eating food without a lot of sugar in and also brushing our teeth in the morning after breakfast and at night before we go to bed.

To help us learn how to brush our teeth correctly, we have been brushing our teeth in class after we have had our lunch. We need to make sure that we brush the front and back teeth very well so food doesn’t get stuck and damage our teeth.

Autumn 1 - The Tiger who came to Tea

You will not believe what happened at Brackenhill! We came to school on the Monday morning as normal, went to hang our coats up and noticed that there were footprints all over the floor! Not only that, there were empty bun cases all over the classroom. We had been reading a story about a greedy tiger who went to a little girl called Sophie’s house and ate all her buns and sandwiches, so we decided that the footprints must have come from the same greedy tiger. The prints did have claws on after all. (Photo)

We decided to go and hunt for the tiger. We decided the place to go was outside into our wildlife garden because we know that tigers love to hide in the trees.  (photo)

It was a strange day to go for a tiger hunt as the sky had turned a dark orange colour because hurricane Ophelia had dragged dust from the Sahara desert into the sky!

We headed into the wildlife garden and found many clues along the way…wrappers from food that the tiger must have been eaten, some apples in the wildlife garden with teeth marks in, claw marks on the tree, foot prints and even lots of twigs that had been dragged into a pile as a bed for the tiger. (photos)

Unfortunately after lots of searching we did not find the tiger. He must have heard us coming. However the next day Miss Newman and Mrs Patel spotted the tiger again in school. When they came back to class it was our job to ask them lots of questions to gather as much information as we could about the whereabouts of the tiger. We had had a bun sale in school to raise money for our trim trail, so we think the tiger had come back to see if there were any buns left.

Back in class we decided to make ‘Wanted’ posters to put up around school to show people what we were looking for. We had to draw the tiger and add labels. Still the tiger did not show up. Next we decided that the only way to tempt the tiger back would be to have a tea party. So we wrote shopping lists and invitations and held a tiger tea party. We had a wonderful but unfortunately the tiger didn’t show up. We think he was a little bit scared to come back to school in case anyone else saw him so we left him some buns and cakes out for him to collect when it was night time.

We learnt a story called The Who Came To Tea. Have a look at the video of us performing, we are brilliant!

Autumn 2 - Hedgehog Visitors

This half term we have been learning about Light and Dark. We had a visit from Steph from the Hedgehog Rescue who brought three baby hedgehogs for us to look at. She told us all about what the hedgehogs like to eat, where they live and how we can help them if we find one that is injured or poorly. Here are some photographs of the hedgehogs. Thank you to all the families who donated money or food for the Hedgehog Rescue for the hedgehogs this winter, Steph was very grateful.

Autumn 2 - Owls Visitors

We also had a visit from Chris who brought in four owls for us to see. We learnt about different types of owls, what they eat and how the colour of their eyes tells us whether they come out in the night-time or the day-time to hunt for their food. We even got to hold them!  Have a look at the photographs below.

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