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Pine and Spruce

Please click the files above to see our Medium Term Plan (MTP) and our Long Term Plan (LTP)

Welcome to Year 1!


We have two year 1 classes at Brackenhill. In Pine class Mrs Garbutt is the teacher and the teaching assistant is Mrs Kauser. In Spruce class Miss Usman is the teacher and Mrs Coles is the teaching assistant. We also have extra adult help from Miss Larkin and Miss Iqbal.

We have great fun in Year 1. Throughout the day we do exciting and engaging lessons with our teachers. Year 1 is a fun place to be, please take a look at our planning and photos to see all the amazing things we learn.


Kind regards,

The children and all the Year 1 team! 

Autumn Term

Year 1’s topic this half term is It’s All About Me, Me Me! To start off our topic we took a Senses Walk around our Wildlife Garden. We saw leaves blowing on the trees, slugs and snails. We heard an aeroplane passing overhead and our ducks quacking while the paddled in their pond. We could feel the cool breeze blowing on our faces and taste the damp, autumn air.


Once we got back to class we put all our ideas together and created a Senses Poem about our walk. Have a look at the pictures and our work to see more!

Spring term

Year 1s topic this half term is ‘Under the sea’. To start our topic, we went on a trip to ‘Blue Planet Aquarium’.  It was so much fun! We saw the rays and sharks being fed and the fish swimming all around the divers. We walked through a tunnel where the fish were swimming above us! The rays looked really funny, like they were smiling at us!  Following the trip we wrote our own trip recounts.

We also have had something new join our classes; our pet Goldfish! We did lots of research and have written a leaflet about ‘How to look after a Goldfish’. We name them Bubbles and Sparkle!

Summer  term

Year 1s topic this half term is ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’. We started the topic with looking at lots of ‘old toys’. Our teacher brought in a doll that was her Aunties and it was 63 years old! It was not like the dolls we have at home, it was ceramic!

We read our class text which we really enjoyed. We then innovated the story and came up with our own stories, starting, ‘When the lights went out…’. Our toys certainly got up to mischief in our stories! Our teachers were very impressed with them as we came up with some fantastic ideas!

We were then allowed to bring in our favourite toys from home and we set up our own toy museum in the hall for the rest of the school to come and see. They loved it! We brought in bikes, dolls, fidget spinners, cars, teddies and lots more!