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Pine and Spruce

Spring Term

Our topic this half term is ‘Under the Sea.’ We will be learning all about sea life creatures. We will be classifying animals and learning the differences between amphibians, reptiles, bird and mammals. We will be reading Dougal’s Deep Sea Diary and Commotion in the Ocean to support our learning.

We are looking forward to a visit to the Blue Planet Aquarium where we will see some of the characters from these stories in real life and find out some facts about them.

We will be writing a diary all about our day at the aquarium and writing an explanation text to teach people how to look after goldfish.

Blue Planet trip

We had a fantastic visit to the Blue Planet Aquarium. We watched divers feed the sharks and fish and we watched the sting rays being fed fish in their tanks. We even saw an octopus who could open its own jar of food!

There were many different sea creatures to observe such as sharks, manta rays, crabs, starfish, sea urchins, jelly fish, piranhas, turtles and many more. Some of the fish were as big as us! We also saw tarantulas, snakes, frogs and pelicans.

We all agreed that one of our favourite parts of the trip was walking through the shark tunnel. The shark tunnel is the longest in the country and as we walked through the sharks and sting rays and other fish swam over our heads and right next to us. We could see the sharks teeth and the sting rays sucking the glass! They were so close it felt like we were in the water with them!

We learnt lots of facts about the sea creatures and we were relieved to find out that sharks are not so scary after all!

Daily Mile

This week we started our daily mile challenge. On their first attempt, these boys amazed us by running the full mile in 15 minutes. Excellent work boys! They have now set themselves a challenge to do one extra lap next time – good luck!

Daily Mile

Autumn Term

On the Way Home story

This half term we have been learning the story ‘On the Way Home.’ We have really enjoyed using the actions to retell the story.



In Maths we have been learning about place value and addition and subtraction. We have learnt how to use a tens frame to show numbers.


We have used the number bond rap to help learn the number bonds to ten. We can use cubes, tens frames and part whole models to show number bonds to 10.


In Theme, we have looked at the season we are in, Autumn. We went on a seasons walk in the wildlife garden and found many interesting items, which we used to make our own leaf man pictures!

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