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Holly and Maple

Please click the files above to see our Medium Term Plan (MTP) and our Long Term Plan (LTP)

Hello and welcome to year 2! We have two wonderful classes called Maple and Holly. Maple class teacher for this year is Mrs Zeb who is supported by Miss Haunch. Holly class will be taught by Mr Haynes with Mrs Malik as his teaching assistant.


We are really looking forward to this year and seeing what everyone can do. We have lots of exciting topics planned ranging from Dragons and Castles to the Great Fire of London. We encourage extra work at home and love seeing any projects the children produce.

See you all in class!

Autumn 1 - Skipton Castle

Skipton Castle

Year 2 visited Skipton Castle as part of our topic work.  We had a fantastic time exploring the castle and even got to see the dungeon and learn all about how people were punished hundreds of years ago. The children were a credit to our school with their lovely manners and good behaviour.

Autumn 2

Year 2 had a wonderful half term which started with a bang. We managed to produce some wonderful poems to go with bonfire night before looking into the dark world of Guy Fawkes and the gun powder plot. We followed this up by looking at the Great Fire of London and even wrote a diary entry from the perspective of someone who was there. The language choices were incredible and had you feeling like you were there with them! We also managed to make our own houses from the Great Fire of London using various materials.

In Maths we started to tackle the topic of multiplication to go with our addition and subtraction knowledge. Though difficult at first we managed to excel and even managed to pick apart word problems.

Spring 1

This half term we have been looking at Explanation Texts about our magical school. We started by using our science skills to determine what materials make up our school and why we would use them. We then managed to produce some lovely pieces that we put together as a class book.

We then moved onto stories and learnt about a super girl by the name of Matilda. We wrote some excellent character descriptions before turning our eyes on our very own story. Some of these were incredibly inventive with some very high level punctuation coming out from a lot of the children.

In Maths we looked at multiplication, division and money. We learnt how to use bar modelling to solve sharing and how we can use the inverse of these to find an original number. We managed to solve lots of function puzzles using all of the mathematical language we now know. After, in money, we looked at the value of coins and solved investigations on how to make certain values.

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