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Holly and Maple

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Year 2! We have two classes called Holly and Maple. On a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning Mrs Sugden teaches Maple class and on a Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday we have Mrs Sharif to teach us. Mr Saunderson is the teacher for Holly and our teaching assistants are Mrs Battye and Mrs Begum; they will work with both Year 2 classes throughout the year – as well as Mrs Dinn and Mrs Shaikh. Year 2 are all extremely excited to be working together so that we can help each other during our SATs year. We are going to be extremely busy this year. We have so many different learning opportunities planned and we can’t wait to share them with you on our web page! Keep your eyes peeled!


We are really looking forward to this year and seeing what everyone can do. We encourage extra work at home and love seeing any projects the children produce.

See you all in class!

Please click the files above to see our Medium Term Plan (MTP) and our Long Term Plan (LTP)

Spring Term


Science – Use of everyday materials.

As scientists this half term we have been learning about how everyday materials are used. As part of our work, we looked at which materials were suitable to make different things and offered some advice to different people. 

Mr Brown- I want to make a hutch to keep a rabbit in. It has to be kept outdoors and keep the rabbit warm and dry.

Samaarah- You need to use wood. It is suitable because it doesn’t get damaged by the weather, such as rain.

We’ve also been busy investigating if we could pull, squeeze, bend and twist objects made of different materials. Some of the children were so strong that they managed to bend a metal spoon!

After our work in science, we we’re experts so Ms Metcalf asked us to write an explanation text all about the different materials used to build the school. Take a look



Our Magical School

Our theme of work this half term has been Our Magical School. We have really enjoyed reading our key text – Matilda. As writers, we have written our own version of Matilda by innovating the magic tricks. We have also written diary entries from the point of view of Matilda. Take a look at some of our magical work…   


In Year 2 we have been investigating the different parts of a plant and what their functions are. Our first investigation involved some blue food dye and white flowers! We watched the flowers absorb the blue water and then turn the white petals begin to turn slightly blue.


Our next experiment involved planting cress seeds in soil, cotton wool, sand and stones to see whether they would all grow. We made sure we kept the investigation fair by giving all of the plant pots the same amount of water and we also put them together on the windowsill so that they each got the same amount of sunshine.

Autumn Term

Dragons and Castles

Our very first day of Year 2 was very exciting. We were visited by a fire breathing dragon! We watched the CCTV and were horrified to see a huge dragon had been in our playground. We decided to go on a dragon hunt and report our findings in a newspaper…


As part of our topic, we explored a variety of texts to find different types of dragons. Using different materials, we designed five types of dragon (snow, water, fire, diamond and forest). We then wrote our own dragon stories, innovating the characters and settings.


We explored the different values of digits in numbers. We have partitioned numbers into tens and ones using the part, part whole model. We have extended our understanding by using our reasoning skills to explain the mistakes and misconceptions of others.

We have also looked at comparing numbers using the greater than, less than and equal to symbols. As we have our SATs this year, we also tried a SATs style question!  


In Science, we have been looking at Living Things.  We explored the habitat of a worm. In our scientific investigation, we found out that worms like to live in soil. As researchers, we found out that worms need to live in a moist environment.

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