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Ash and Willow

It brings us great pleasure to welcome you to Year 3’s class page!

We have two Year 3 classes; Ash and Willow class. In Ash class we have Mrs Tahir as the class teacher and in Willow class we have Miss Yousef as the class teacher. Mrs Bibi is the SNA in Willow class.

We are really looking forward to this year and hope that the children will enjoy the teaching, learning and the range of exciting topics we have prepared for them.

We aim to make learning fun and focused for all children. We encourage children to become independent learners through the different activities prepared for them in the school day.  

To find out what we are learning this year click on the links above to find our Long term and Medium terms plans for each half term.


PE – This half term PE will be on Mondays for both classes.

Bookbags – Any work, letters and books that are taken from school should be kept in book bags.

Homework – Every Friday children will be set one piece of homework that is expected to come back the following Thursday. If there are any parts of the homework children find difficult please do not hesitate to contact the Year 3 teachers.

Watch this space for all the exciting learning that will take place.

Kind regards,

The children and the Year 3 team!


Spring Term


Year 3’s topic this half term is Castaway. As an extra chance for some active learning we asked the class to hunt around their home and use household objects to turn items into a huge boat that will help save Crusoe.

A big shout out to Sophie and Tooba for their wonderful creations.

Fact Files

Year 3 have been really busy learning about Antarctica and the Artic this half term.

We created a fact file about Antarctica using facts we researched from the Internet.

Here are some wonderful fact files we created in Year 3 from Imaan Y, Imaan K, Sophie, Aaomaymah, Eesha and Saamiah.

Nell Bank

Both classes had a fantastic time visiting Nell Bank with our Linking schools. We all made a new friend from our link school and enjoyed spending the whole day with them. Here are a few photographs from our day at Nell Bank.

Science Day

For Science day Ash class were learning about the planet mercury. We found out lots of exciting facts about the planet.

Here are a few facts:

“We can sometimes see Mercury during sunset.” Abu Bakr

“It has craters and is a dusty planet.” Aomaymah

“It’s the smallest planet.” Luqman

“It’s the closest planet to the sun.” Hana

For Science day Willow class were learning about the planet Mars. We found out lots of exciting facts about the planet.

Here are a few facts:

“The largest volcano is on Mars.” Imaan

“Mars is half the size of Earth.” Nisha

“One year on Mars is two years on Earth.” Ayaan

“Mars is the second smallest planet in the solar system.” Qais

Autumn Term


Once upon a time, there lived an old, kind woman called Lady Tramine and she lived with her evil, young daughter called Cinderella who was very bossy and lazy. She made the kind mother do all the chores and made her very very upset! “Why do they make my life miserable?” whispered the Stepmother. She lived in a gigantic mansion and had to do all the chores at least twice.

Extra Homework Opportunity - Cinderella's Castle

For Year 3’s extra homework opportunity we asked the children to create their own version of Cinderella’s castle.

We have had some fantastic creations. Here are some of the castle that were made at home.

Self Drawing

Year 3 have been drawing self- portraits. We used a mirror to get all our features for our appearance accurate.

Here are some of the self-portraits we have created.


In Science we have been learning about magnets and forces. One investigation we did was learning about Friction. In small groups we tested different surfaces to see which surface created the most friction. We found out that a grassy surface created the most friction.



For English Year 3 have been focusing on the story of Traction Man. we really enjoyed the story and created a new sidekick for Traction Man. Here are some of our creations.

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