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Ash and Willow

It brings us great pleasure to welcome you to Year 3’s class page!

We have two Year 3 classes; Ash and Willow class. In Ash class we have Mrs Tahir as the class teacher and in Willow class we have Miss Ali as the class teacher. Mrs Day is the TA in Willow, Mrs Din is the SNA in Willow class and Mrs Sheikh is the SNA in Ash class.

We are really looking forward to this year and hope that the children will enjoy the teaching, learning and the range of exciting topics we have prepared for them.

We aim to make learning fun and focused for all children. We encourage children to become independent learners through the different activities prepared for them in the school day.  

To find out what we are learning this year click on the links above to find our Long term and Medium terms plans for each half term.


PE – This half term PE will be on Mondays for both classes.

Bookbags – Any work, letters and books that are taken from school should be kept in book bags.

Homework – Every Friday children will be set one piece of homework that is expected to come back the following Wednesday. If there are any parts of the homework children find difficult please do not hesitate to contact the Year 3 teachers.

Watch this space for all the exciting learning that will take place.

Kind regards,

The children and the Year 3 team!


At the start of this term, Year 3 visited Nell Bank as part of their linking school project. Despite the weather being cold and miserable, the children really did make the day a memorable one! They enjoyed every moment from start to finish! They had the opportunity to meet new friends from Foxhill and Scared Hearts primary and developed social and interaction skills. They looked at similarities and differences in a fun and engaging way. The walked through the forest, embarked on a treasure hunt and even played in the adventure playground. At lunchtime, they sat with their new friends and enjoyed lunch. The children can’t wait to visit their new friend’s school soon.

We also had the privilege of going into the live caravan. We learnt all about the human body and looked at what is harmful and helpful for the human body.

In addition to this, we also looked at healthy eating. We tried different fruits and vegetables. We even made shapes and faces with the different foods. 



Canopic Jars

Year 3 have a fantastic time designing and making their own Canopic money jars linked to our topic Party like the Egyptians. Did you know that in Ancient Egypt the Canopic jars were used for the safekeeping of particular human organs: the stomach, intestines, lungs, and liver, all of which, it was believed, would be needed in the afterlife. Here are a few of our creations.



Year 3’s theme this half term was ‘Party like the Egyptians.’ The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Ancient Egypt. They have done lots of researching using a variety of resources such as The Internet, books and booklets.

Amna is Ash enjoyed learning about the Egyptians Gods and Hafsa is Ash enjoyed learning about Tutankhamun.

Here is some work the children have done about the daily lives of the Ancient Egyptians. We then compared their lives to ours today.



Year 3’s theme this half term was ‘Party like the Egyptians.’ In English we have been looking at the fairy tale Cinderella and the Egyptians version of Cinderella. We had a great surprise when Cinderella wrote to us asking if we can organise her a party so she celebrate her marriage with all her family and friends.

We then wrote a letter to Ms Metcalfe requesting if she would allow us to have this party for Cinderella.

Here are Safiyyah and Mahnoor’s letter to Ms Metcalf.

We are waiting for a reply from Ms Metcalf so we can start preparing for the party so watch this space!!!

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