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Larch and Cedar

Please click the files above to see our Medium Term Plan (MTP) and our Long Term Plan (LTP)

Welcome to Year 4’s page! We have two classes called Cedar and Larch. One a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning Miss O’Neill teaches Cedar class and on a Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday we have Mrs Cockroft to teach us. Miss Noor will be teaching Larch class. Our fabulous teaching assistants across the year group are Miss Walker, Mr Birkinshaw and Mrs Cottrell. We are really looking forward to an exciting year in year 4 with lots of fun and challenging learning opportunities.

P.E will be on Wednesday’s- Please make sure your child has both outdoor and indoor kits in school.

Swimming will be on a Thursday morning- Please make sure your child has the appropriate kit every week.

Homework will be handed out every Monday and expected to be handed in on a Friday. We would appreciate if homework could be punctually handed in. We encourage reading with your child for ten minutes every day. If you could sign their Reading Diary and date it so we can keep a record.

In the front of the homework books your child will have logins for two different websites which are really useful in consolidating learning from school. The first is ‘Timestable Rockstars’ (times table practise) and ‘Read Theory’ (reading comprehension).

We look forward to sharing our wonderful photographs of the children’s learning journeys.

Autumn 1 - Fact File

Year 4 have had a really busy half term researching all about different inventors from our local area and beyond. We then presented all this information in a fact file booklet.


Here are some of the examples:

By Aleena Israr in Cedar

By Scarlet Jackson in Larch

Autumn 1 - Musical Instruments

Year 4 have made musical instruments to link to our Science topic of Sound. We first designed our instruments in our art books thinking about where the sound and vibrations will come from. Then we get really hands on and creative.

Here are a few photos of us creating our instruments and our final products!

Autumn 2 - Healthy restraunt menus

Year 4 got very creative creating their own healthy restaurant menus this half term with lots of exciting things liked to their topic Come dine with me! They were first asked to brainstorm what healthy items they should have in their menu’s and then they creating very extravagant menu’s by giving their restaurant a catchy name including prices to go with their food! Have a look at Isbah Arshad’s extravagant and appetising menu from Cedar class that will tickle your taste buds!

Autumn 2 - Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Year 4 have really enjoyed the fabulous story Cloudy with a chance of meatballs this half term. We then had the opportunity to write our own version of this story. We got very creative adding our own problem and resolutions not forgetting to add fronted adverbials and expanded nouns phrases! Have a read of Aaishah Loonat’s from Larch class fantastic story.

Spring 1

This half term, the children had a visit to York’s Chocolate Story where they made their own chocolate lollypops and got stuck in with creative activities. This was linked to their topic lesson where one of the activities was linked to ‘the states of matter’ where they confidently differentiated between solids, liquids and gases. Year 4 then went on to creating their own persuasive leaflets for York’s Chocolate Story including activities, workshops and prices of different chocolates! Have a look at Dania Siddiqui’s extravagant persuasive leaflet from Larch class.


Year 4 have really enjoyed the fabulous story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ this half term. They then had the opportunity to create a play-script for one of the scenes from the story. They got very creative adding their own character names and innovating the problem and resolution, as well as improving it using expanded noun phrases and preposition! Have a read of Wahab Ali’s work from Cedar class.

Spring 2

Our topic this half term is Snow Dragon. In English lessons we have read and learnt the story Snow Dragon written by Vivian French. We then innovated the story and changed the characters and setting. Each child was very creative and explained what special powers their good and evil dragon had.

Here is Aleena’s version of the Snow Dragon.


In Year 4 we have been very busy looking at the Water cycle this half term and how we get the water that we use on a daily basis. We have enjoyed researching and learning all about how water gets into our taps and found many interesting facts.

Here is an explanation text written by Iman in Cedar class.


Summer 1

Year 4 had an interesting and fun half term. We have really enjoyed learning about World War 2 and were very keen to find out more. We wrote our own questions and in our Computing lessons we used the internet to answer our questions. We then created a leaflet using Purple Mash about World War 2.

We have been very busy in topic learning about Electricity this half term in our Science lessons. We carried out lots of experiments using equipment such as bulbs, batteries and wires to make series and parallel circuits. We also learn about conductors and insulators. We were very surprised to see that aluminium foil is a conductor! Here are some photographs we took for our experiments:


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