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Larch and Cedar

Please click the files above to see our Medium Term Plan (MTP) and our Long Term Plan (LTP)

Welcome to Year 4’s page! We have two classes called Cedar and Larch. One a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning Miss O’Neill teaches Cedar class and on a Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday we have Mrs Cockroft to teach us. Miss Noor will be teaching Larch class. Our fabulous teaching assistants across the year group are Miss Walker, Mr Birkinshaw and Mrs Cottrell. We are really looking forward to an exciting year in year 4 with lots of fun and challenging learning opportunities.

P.E will be on Wednesday’s- Please make sure your child has both outdoor and indoor kits in school.

Swimming will be on a Thursday morning- Please make sure your child has the appropriate kit every week.

Homework will be handed out every Monday and expected to be handed in on a Friday. We would appreciate if homework could be punctually handed in. We encourage reading with your child for ten minutes every day. If you could sign their Reading Diary and date it so we can keep a record.

In the front of the homework books your child will have logins for two different websites which are really useful in consolidating learning from school. The first is ‘Timestable Rockstars’ (times table practise) and ‘Read Theory’ (reading comprehension).

We look forward to sharing our wonderful photographs of the children’s learning journeys.

Spring Term


Our focus text this half term has been Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.  We have loved reading the book and learning about the way Roald Dahl brings his magical characters to life.

We have written our own chapter for the story making sure we included speech and lots of description.

We have also written play scripts and had lots of fun acting them out.


Our Theme this half term has been Wonka’s Wonderland where we have learned all about chocolate.  In Geography we have learned where cocoa beans grow. Did you know they need to grow in countries with hot, damp climates and these can only be found near the equator?  We also learnt about the different processes cocoa beans go through to become the chocolate bars we all know and love! 

In History, we learned how chocolate came to this country over time and drew timelines to show this. We learned about the founder of the chocolate brand Cadbury’s and his journey to success.

We used all this information to write non chronological reports about chocolate.

In Design Technology we design and made our own packaging for a new chocolate product. We included lots of different details on our designs like the price, ingredients, Fair Trade symbol and the product name.


As part of our chocolate topic, Year 4 visited York chocolate story. We learned all about reversible and irreversible changes linked to chocolate and we even got to make our own chocolate bars and chocolate lollypops! Have a look at some of our photos to see how much fun we had.


In English we have been looking at the story Snow Dragon.  This enchanting story is about a two leg (boy) called Tuft who needs the Snow Dragon’s help to conquer the Fire Dragon

We have written stories linked to the book.

For our non-fiction focus we have written non chronological reports about a dragon for Dr Earnest Drake to add to his incredible book – Dragonology.


Our theme this half term has been dragons and we have had lots of fun looking and learning about different types.

In Art we looked closely at dragon eyes and created our own using coloured pencils and even made some using playdough.

In Science we have been looking at the water cycle and made models using plastic bags to show how it works. We then wrote explanation text about how it works.


As part of our RE topic on: What is Sacred, Year 4 had a visit from Narinder, our Sikh Faith Tutor.  Narinder talked to us about what is sacred in the Sikh religion and brought in some artefacts for us to look at.

World Book Day

For World Book Day, Year 4 focussed on the story of Hansel and Gretel.  We made designed and made sweet houses in groups and then wrote persuasive letters to the children from the witch asking them to come and stay with her. We had a great day!

Autumn Term

English and DT

In English we have to written a set of instructions for how to make a musical instrument. First, we had to make the instruments ourselves to help us know what to do.


This half term we have been learning about place value in Maths. We learned about the value of each digit in numbers that had up to 4 digits. We also looked at other number systems and how they are different to ours. We had lots of fun making Roman Numerals out of lolly sticks.

During our addition and subtraction unit we carried out some problem solving in groups. We used different coloured felt tips to record our ideas.


In Science we have been learning about sound. We had a great time making and using string telephones to help us explain how sound travels.

Digestive System

As part of our English and Science work this half term, we were learning about the digestive system.  To help us remember what each part did – we made one!  It was good, messy fun!

Each group were the following materials:

  • Plastic bag
  • Crackers
  • Orange juice
  • Water
  • Tights
  • Metal tray
  • Paper cups

Click on the video link to see what we did!



When studying the digestive system, we carried out some role play to help us learn about each of the different parts. We became medical students and assessors – testing our knowledge!

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