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Beech and Aspen

Please click the files above to see our Medium Term Plan (MTP) and our Long Term Plan (LTP)

Welcome Year 5’s class page!

We have two Year 5 classes; Beech and Aspen class. In Beech class we have Miss Ali as the class teacher and Mrs Qureshi is the SNA. In Aspen class we have Mrs Aslam as the class teacher and Mrs Shah and Mrs Karim are the SNAs.

We are really looking forward to a new exciting year and hope that the children will enjoy the teaching, learning and the range of engaging topics we have prepared for them.

To find out what we are learning this year click on the links above to find our Long term and Medium terms plans for each half term.


PE – This half term PE will be on Fridays for both classes.

Bookbags – Any work, letters and books that are taken from school should be kept in book bags.

Homework – Every Friday, children will be set homework that is expected to come back the following Wednesday. If there are any parts of the homework children find difficult please do not hesitate to contact the Year 5 teachers.

Kind regards,

Year 5 team



Autumn 1

Our topic this half term has been School of Wizardry and Witchcraft.  We have used the text Harry Potter and the philosopher stone as a stimulus for our work.  We have written our own innovated stories based on the original plot. We changed many aspects of the original story such as the main characters, the philosopher stone and the setting.

We also wrote a newspaper report based on Harry Potter. We included many of the language features such as: the 5ws (who, what, where, which and when), fronted adverbials, past tense, and reported and directed speech.


Harry Potter bookmarkers

We made some fantastic bookmarkers from weaving four strands of paper from the Harry Potter colours - Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherine and Ravenclaw. We then printed off some house badges that we stuck on the top of our book markers.


This was our wonderful Harry potter display, with all our work displayed outside the year 5 classes for other children to see. 


Autumn 2

This half term, our topic has been ‘To Infinity and beyond’. In English, we used the text ‘Larklight’ as a stimulus for our work. The sci-fi story enabled us to explore the different features within its genre.   We were able to produce a bank of work that helped us write our innovated stories. For example, we produced short character descriptions to illustrate the vicious impending visitor. Within our character descriptions, we included higher level adjectives, similes, a sentence of three and powerful verbs. In our innovated version of Larklight, we changed many of the characters and the setting.


In addition to this, we also produced a non-chronological report on a chosen planet from our solar system. We researched about our planet and then explored the features of a non-chronological report to help us write our own.


In topic, we explored the movement of Earth and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system. We used the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the sun across the sky. In Art, we created pictures of the solar system using charcoal and chalk.


Well done to all those children that participated in the extra homework opportunity. There was some fantastic models of the solar system. 

Spring 1

Year 5 have been working hard, researching and exploring their topic – Vicious Vikings. For our non-fiction unit, we wrote our own explanation text on Viking longships. We used our class text ‘How a Bicycle works?’ to explore the language and organisational features. We studied how causal conjunctions help write an explanation text and made it our aim to include lots of these in our own explanation texts.



For our fiction unit in English we innovated our class text ‘Beowulf’, which we enjoyed immensely. After exploring the language features and organisational devices of mythical texts, we thought of our own similes, metaphors, and sentences of three, which we then included in our own story. We innovated the main characters such as Beowulf, Grendel and King Hrothgar. Some of the characters we came up with were: a slimy sea dragon, a charming prince, who saved the city and a queen, who called for help. Some children changed the plot and included a great twist to the myth.

Vicious Vikings longships


A huge well done to all the children that participated in the extra homework opportunity. We had some fantastic longships made and the children were able to share their work in the school assembly and also received a head teachers award.



Spring 2

In Year 5, we have been exploring the poem ‘The Highway Man’ as part of our topic ‘My way or the highway’. We really enjoyed reading the poem The Highway Man and watching the animated clip too. We explored the way in which it was written and the themes that were evident in the text. We really enjoyed acting out and predicting what we thought would happen after part one.


As part of the topic, we wrote a persuasive letter to King George persuading him to punish the dreadful soldiers for torturing poor Bess. Below are some letters that we wrote.

Summer 1

What a fantastic time the children had at Kingswood!

We were so lucky to have scorching weather (luckily, we had all packed sun cream). The children loved the activities they participated in such as Zip wire, crate stack. laser, archery, nightline and many more. Tee Jay said ‘At first, I was scared to go on the zip wire but afterwards I wanted to go on again because it was that good!’ The children enjoyed soaking the teachers in the massive water fight and enjoyed the free ice cream they received from the centre for behaving so well. The children made us feel very proud as they really represented Brackenhill as the best school! Well done!

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