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Beech and Aspen

Welcome Year 5’s class page!

We have two Year 5 classes; Beech and Aspen class. In Beech class we have Miss Nasir as the class teacher and Miss Iqbal is the SNA. We are lucky to also have Miss Henson working as a TA every morning. In Aspen class we have Mrs Aslam as the class teacher and Mr Barker as the TA.

We are really looking forward to a new exciting year and hope that the children will enjoy the teaching, learning and the range of engaging topics we have prepared for them.


PE – This half term PE will be on Tuesday for both classes.

Bookbags – Any work, letters and books that are taken from school should be kept in book bags.

Homework – Every Friday, children will be set homework that is expected to come back the following Wednesday. If there are any parts of the homework children find difficult please do not hesitate to contact the Year 5 teachers.

We are going to be extremely busy this year. We have so many different learning opportunities planned and we can’t wait to share them with you on our web page! Keep your eyes peeled!

We are really looking forward to this year and seeing what everyone can do. We encourage extra work at home and love seeing any projects the children produce.

See you all in class!

Kind regards,

Year 5 team



Harry Potter

The children had a fabulous start to the Harry Potter topic. Smyths Toy Superstore kindly donated the ‘Harry’s journey to Hogwarts’ themed Lego. The children enjoyed building the Lego and were lucky enough to take them home. This then helped spark their imaginations for when they had to write their Harry Potter portal stories.


This half-term for Science, we looked at forces. Our focus was to look at how gravity and air resistance works. The children investigate if the size of a parachute would affect the speed it falls to the ground. Year 5 built different size parachutes and dropped them from the balcony whilst timing how long it took the parachute to hit the ground. The children then created a table for their results to show the smaller the parachute the less air resistance it has to battle; therefore, it had the fastest landing.

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