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Autumn 1 - Maths - Place Value

We explored the value of different digits in numbers.  We used place value counters to show how different numbers are made up and what the value of each digit actually is.

Autumn 1 - Science - Reflection and Refraction

In Science, we have been looking at light.  We explored how light reflects and also how it bend during refraction.  We found out that when light travels from air into another transparent medium like water it refracts or bends.  We looked at the life of Percy Shaw (the inventor of the Cats Eye) and wrote an information text about Shaw’s life in which we explained how the Cats Eye works using reflection.

Autumn 1 - Topic - The Journey Begins

As part of our ‘The Journey begins…’ topic we explored Africa and its art.  We researched African Mud cloths and looked at how people in Africa use these to write messages.  We explored mixing colours to create our own cloths.

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