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Rowan and Sequoia

Hello and welcome to Year 6.

This year is a little bit different for us as we are now located on the ground floor. The two classes are still called Sequoia and Rowan but we have had a few staff changes.

Sequoia’s class teacher is Mrs Maskeen and Rowan’s class teachers are Miss Mir all day on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning; then Mrs Morris will take over and finish off the week.

We are supported by Mrs Jabeen, Mrs Shah, Miss Rehmat, Miss Iqbal and Miss Ali.

We are all looking forward to getting to know your children and exploring our exciting curriculum together.



Art - Andy Warhol

In Art, we looked at the artist Andy Warhol and his work around Pop Art, where he repeated the same picture in different colours and styles.  We used this to create our own pop art pictures in his style.


We explored the concept of reflection by finding out how a Cat’s eye works.


We used black paper to represent the road.

We used white paper to make the road markings.

We went in to our school reflection room (because it

is very dark) to test out our mini projects.

The Cats Eyes reflected the light from the torch (We pretended the torch was a car's headlights!)


We also found out about the inventor of the Cat’s eye and wrote an information text about him and his world famous invention.


We explored the concept of refraction in Science.  We found out that a pencil in water looks like it is bent.  We discovered this is because light travels through air and bends when this changes to water (a different medium).

The Eye

In Science, we have been learning about Light.  As part of this topic, we have looked closely at the eye.  We created a model of the eye and then used this to help us create a labelled diagram of the eye and an explanation of how they eye works.

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