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Rowan and Sequoia

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This Year So Far...

IMPs Visit

Year 6 visited the Bradford Royal Infirmary as part of the Injury minimisation project (IMPs).  We learned about vital life-saving skills and how to give CPR.

South African Pop Art

We explored the work of Andy Warhol and created our own South African animal pop art.  We used the text ‘Journey to Jo’burg’ for inspiration.

Stay Safe workshop

We took part in the annual Stay Safe workshop at Odsal stadium.  Here we found out about the different dangers we can face on a day to day basis and how we can ensure we keep ourselves safe.

Science Experiments

As part of our Science work, we do lots of investigations.  Two of the investigations we looked at were about shadows and plants.  We explored what effects the size of a shadow and also what parts make up a plant and what the functions are of these different parts.

Anti-bullying workshop

As part of this workshop we explored our worries and put them on a scale of 1-10.  We then talked about the different ways in which we can be kind to other people.  The workshop was planned and run by students in year 6.


In History, we have explored the mysterious world of Ancient Egypt.  As part of this work, we researched pyramids and then created our own.  We collected vocabulary to use in our English work later in the topic.

French Food tasting

With Miss Day, we have been learning lots about France and the French language this year.  As part of this, we were able to taste different foods from France and give our opinion – in French, of course!

Soap making and Science day

As part of Science week, we took part in a special workshop where we explored different scientific concepts.  We also had a science day where we explored how to change potatoes into plastic!  We also created out own soap.  As we were the first primary school to undertake this project, we were also in the local paper!