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Year 2 – Wider Experiences

Year 2 have had a fantastic time visiting Yorkshire Wildlife Park! We saw lots of animals including giraffes, leopards, lions, polar bears, tigers and many more!

Year 4 – Design Technology

As part of our Viking Warrior topic, Year 4 designed and created trousers for a Viking ready to go into battle. We used different materials and decorated them; we applied our skills of cutting different types of material safely. Here are some of our...

Summer Fair

The Summer Fair was a resounding success this year!  Our families and local communities were able to enjoy an array of activities including a bouncy castle, hook a duck, mehndi, tombola and our ever-popular Brackenhill Cafe!  The Brackenhill Friendship group and staff...

Reception – Geography

This week, the children in Reception went on a local walk. They observed various types of houses and shops in the neighborhood. The children were excited to explore their community and learn more about their surroundings. They also enjoyed interacting with local...

Year 3 – Geography

In Geography, Year 3 have been learning about different maps. This week we looked at OS maps and located different places in Bradford. We had to work out what the symbols on the map meant by using a key. #Dimensions #Geography

Year 6 – History

After Year 6’s visit from Roger Nowell (Justice of the Peace for Pendle) last week, we have begun to analyse the evidence of the witch trial to help us decide if the verdict was indeed the correct one! @DimensionsCC #Pendlewitches
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