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Year 2 – English

Year 2 have been looking at different types of poems in English lessons. Children enjoyed learning about diamanté poems and had a go at writing one about animals.

Poetry Zoom

Mrs Cockroft retweeted Ian Bland about our poetry zoom session with him last week and guess what?  He replied!  We love, love, love hearing from our favourite authors and poets!  Thank you @Blandpoet

Year 4 – English

The year 4 boys had a great time participating in an online Football Poetry workshop over Zoom by the poet Ian Bland. They were very actively involved in the session and really enjoyed his football poem. Then, in pairs, they created their own football poem.

Year 2 – English

Year 2 have been busy writing non chronological reports about sea creatures. They have learnt lots of interesting facts and included them in their reports. Did you know an octopus has 3 hearts?!

Year 3 – English

This half term Year 3 had the opportunity to virtually meet the author Jion Sheibani! The children were able to interact with her in a lively discussion about her works and creative process. She then guided them in a drawing session, encouraging them to visualise and...

Year 1 – English

This week, Year 1 has been retelling the story of Supertato. We explored key words, drew a story map and ordered the story....
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