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Year 5 – Geography

As geographers, Year 5 have been exploring global lines of latitude and longitude using coordinates. They found the coordinates of some key places around the world and even plotted the Titanic’s wreck site in the Atlantic ocean  (41N, 49W). #ccdimensions...

Year 3 – Science/Geography

On Thursday, Willow class went on a trip to York Chocolate Story and had the best time. We learnt a lot about the history of chocolate production and how chocolate is made from a cocoa pod into a chocolate bar. We learnt about how it can be changed from a solid to a...

Year 2 – Geography

As part of our Four Seasons project, Year Two have been on a Spring walk in the school grounds looking at all the different plants and birds that are around during Spring time.

Year 1 – Geography

As Explorers, Year 1 went on a walk in the local community and explored some human and physical features. They also spoke to members of the community about their role in the community.

Year 3 – Geography

In our Athens Vs Sparta unit, Year 3 have been working together in teams to play map memory with a map of Greece. It was tough as some of the names of the places were hard to remember.  Whichever team remembered the most places in Greece, won! #AncientGreece...

Year 6 – Geography

Year 6 have been learning about tectonic plate movements and how they cause different landforms and natural disasters to occur. @MRMICT #Geography #Year 6
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