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Year 4 – History

Year 4  have been learning about how the Saxon King, Harold Godwinson became king after King Edward the Confessor. The children worked in groups to put their claim to the throne forward to the Witan council as we have found out there were 4 claimants to the throne...

Year 5 – English/History

Year 5 spent an afternoon with the wonderful Alex Fellows, diving into the world of the Romans through role play. They created battle formations, acted out a Roman market and even recreated the story of the name that no Roman wanted to hear… Boudicca. #history...

Year 2 – History

Year 2 have been learning about slavery and have written a letter to a novelist asking for help to abolish slavery. #Year2 #Dimensions  #History

Year 6 – History

Year 6 enjoyed looking at Mrs Cockroft’s artefacts to help them understand what life was like during World War 2. They looked at her grandad’s war medals and learned about the ship he was on that was bombed by the Nazi’s in 1940. The Lancastria was...

Year 3 – History

We have started 2024 with a visit from Alex Fellows this week. Children took part in the Benin Era workshop where they used drama to explore what life was like living in the Benin Period.

Year 4 – History

This week, Year 4 have been looking at the history of slavery. We started by looking at what slavery is and some of the reasons behind it. The children created posters to show this.  
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