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Reception – PE

This week, Reception children have really enjoyed participating in fun sports activities. They worked together in teams to complete egg and spoon races, relay races and bean bag throws. The children learned the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork.

Year 4 – Blog

Year 4 had a wonderful time learning archery as part of our celebration event for this term.


The boys played in a dodgeball tournament with other schools this week, they showed great team spirit and had an amazing time!  Well done!  #getset4PE  #dodgeball  #tournament

Year 5 – PE

Last week, Year 5 decided to hold a Wild West day to celebrate the end of their Come Fly With Me: America topic. They dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls and spent the afternoon practising their line dancing steps! Yee-hah! #dimensions #steps #linedancing...

Year 4 – PE

In PE, during gymnastics, Year 4 have been learning about different stretches, balances and rolls. In small groups, they had been putting a sequence together using all the skills they have learnt this half term. @Getset4PE

Year 5 – PE

Last Week, Year 5 have been practising their dancing in PE! They made up a routine using “Dance by Chance” where different actions are assigned to random numbers. Then we focussed on the dynamics of the routine....
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