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Reception – RE

This week, Cherry class have been preparing for Eid! We have been making and writing Eid cards to our friends and family to show them we care. We also had an Eid party to celebrate the special festival. We all came into school dressed in our party clothes and carried...

Year 4 – RE

This week, Year 4 have looked at some Islamic artefacts and were able to say how they are used. We learnt about the five pillars of Islam as well as the six main beliefs of Islam. We watched some videos and did a quiz based on what we had learnt in the lesson

Year 6 – RE

This week, year 6 have enjoyed learning about the Hindu version of the Diwali story. They retold the Rama and Sita story through dance with our visitor earlier in the week.

Year 2 – Geography – RE

This week Year 2 have enjoyed learning about the different Continents and Oceans around the world. They were surprised at how large Asia was compared to Europe. They have also been busy participating in a dance workshop.

Year 3 – RE

Year 3 took part in a Diwali dance workshop this week. We learned lots of new dance moves and had fun retelling the story through dance. It was a brilliant way to end our day!

Year 1 – RE

Year 1 had a fantastic day celebrating Diwali. Take a look at some of the rangoli patterns and Diwali cards they have made! In the afternoon, they enjoyed a Diwali party.
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