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Year 1 – Music

Year 1 has been interpreting some symbols that are used in music. When we saw ‘f’ we played our instruments loudly and when we saw ‘p’ we played our instruments quietly. #Music #Dimensions #Forte #Piano

Year 1 – Wider Experience

Pine class had an awesome time at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Despite all the walking, the children loved seeing all the different animals....

Year 1 – Geography

As Explorers, Year 1 went on a walk in the local community and explored some human and physical features. They also spoke to members of the community about their role in the community.

Year 1

RAWR! Year 1 had an amazing day when they visited the dinosaurs in ‘Pangea’ at The Yorkshire Wildlife Park. #YorkshireWildlifePark #dinosaurs

Year 1 – Geography

As geographers, Year 1 looked at aerial views. They drew an aerial view of somewhere familiar such as the classroom or a bedroom. #Geography #Dimensions #UnityInTheCommunity

Year 1 – English Writing

Year 1 children wrote a setting description for the land they designed. We were very impressed with the adjectives the children used. Well done Year 1!
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