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Year 2 – English

This week, Year 2 had a very exciting workshop with Alex Fellows! We learnt lots of new exciting vocabulary and included these in our instructions on ‘How to find buried treasure’.

Year 2 – Maths

Year 2 have been learning all about fractions! Some of the key vocabulary we have learnt is: equal/unequal parts, halves, quarters and thirds.

Year 2 – Geography

As part of our Four Seasons project, Year Two have been on a Spring walk in the school grounds looking at all the different plants and birds that are around during Spring time.

Year 2 – Science

This week, in Science, Year 2 have been learning all about sound! Children have been thinking about all the different sounds they can hear around school.

Year 2 – DT

This week, Year 2 have been busy using a range of materials to make pirate ships for their DT project! #DimensionsCurriculum #LandAhoy

Year 2 – DT

In Year 2, we have been designing pirate ships. We have been thinking about all the materials we will need to use to make them for our DT project.
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