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Year 3 – Science

This week, Ash class explored floating and sinking in science. We gathered different items and predicted if they would float or sink. Then, we conducted the experiment and wrote up our conclusions. #ScienceWeek #Dimensions

Year 3 – Geography

In our Athens Vs Sparta unit, Year 3 have been working together in teams to play map memory with a map of Greece. It was tough as some of the names of the places were hard to remember.  Whichever team remembered the most places in Greece, won! #AncientGreece...

Year 3 – English

For World Book Day, Year 3 took part in an exciting zoom with the talented author, Micheal Morpurgo. The children heard a chapter of one of Micheal’s books and learnt about some of the lions in Africa. #WorldBookDay2024 #MichealMurpurgo

Year 3 – Awards

For our celebration event this week, Year 3 were lucky enough to take part in an archery session. The children learnt the techniques to shoot the arrows successfully and we had lots of fun. They battled against each other, in teams, to reach 100 points first. Lots of...

Year 3 – DT

This week we have been busy designing and starting the making process of a 3D mask of one of the Big 5 in Africa – a lion, inspired by Julie Taymor. We created papier mache using balloons, PVA glue and lots of newspaper. It got very messy!...

Year 3 – English Writing

Year 3 have written some fabulous explanation texts in English based on the digestive system. We worked hard to make sure we presented our work neatly, had some scientific vocabulary and used the correct punctuation! #Grammasaurus #Science #DigestiveSystem
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