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Year 4 – PSHE

In Year 4, we have been researching about the importance of rules and who makes the rules on behalf of the country.

Year 4 – Awards

Hi-Yah!  Zariya, in Year 4, has been attending Taekwondo sessions and is quite the expert!  Recently, she took part in a competition and out of the 33 competitors in her group, she came 2nd and took the silver medal!  What a superstar!  Many congratulations Zariya, we...

Year 4

Last week, children in year 4 had fun celebrating Eid by playing games, listening to Nasheeds and having some delicious treats! https://brackenhill.bradford.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/IMG_0743.mp4 https://brackenhill.bradford.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/IMG_0745.mp4...

Year 4 – Science

Year 4 have been experimenting with ice for Science Week, as part of the unit ‘Frozen in time’. We looked at why salt was the best de-icer on a wintery day. We observed what will happen to ice when we changed the variables of the experiment.  We ensured...

Year 4 – Blog

Year 4 had a wonderful time learning archery as part of our celebration event for this term.

Year 4 – History

Year 4  have been learning about how the Saxon King, Harold Godwinson became king after King Edward the Confessor. The children worked in groups to put their claim to the throne forward to the Witan council as we have found out there were 4 claimants to the throne...
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