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Year 5 – Computing

Today, in Computing, we made a ‘physical’ concept map. We had to get into a circle and decide a concept- we chose a question about the Titanic- ‘How did the Titanic sink?’. We had to remember to take turns and only one person could speak at a...

Year 5 – Art

Children in Year 5 have designed their own Roman Villas, making sure they included key features like columns and arched windows. #Dimensions #Romans #Art

Year 5 – English/History

Year 5 spent an afternoon with the wonderful Alex Fellows, diving into the world of the Romans through role play. They created battle formations, acted out a Roman market and even recreated the story of the name that no Roman wanted to hear… Boudicca. #history...

Year 5 – PSHE

As part of the intergenerational linking project, our Year 5 children visited the residents at Brackenhall Court. We played lots of games and a great time was had by all!  #intergenerationallinking #newfriends

Year 5 – English Reading

Hey there fellow bookworms, are you ready for World Book Day? In Aspen we are ready to dive into a world of books, where adventures await and imagination knows no bounds! Check out our stats from our epic February reading journey, let’s see what March...

Year 5 – English Writing

Year 5 used role play to bring to life a conversation between King Prasutagus and his wife, Boudicca. They focused on the delivery of the King’s lines as he was dying, before brainstorming adverbs to describe how the King spoke. We think they did a fantastic job...
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