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Year 6 – PSHE

Year 6 were so lucky to have a visit from Jude, from The Peace Museum, who delivered a fantastic, thought provoking workshop about propaganda. We learned about the importance of checking facts and not believing everything we see and read online. #PeaceMuseumUK...

Year 6 – English

Amelia has loved reading A Pinch of Magic by @MHarrison13! It’s now one of her favourites and we’ve ordered the set for our class library. #Year6 #Readingforpleasure

Year 6 – Reading

Malaika has done a fabulous job reviewing Pig Heart Boy by @malorieblackman in Rowan’s Reading Journal! Lots of children have read this book and love it!

Year 6 – Reading

@tompalmerauthor is a class favourite in Rowan. Mrs Cockroft and the children love his work! Isra choose to review D-Day Dog in our scrapbook after reading it and has done a brilliant job! #Year6 #Readingforpleasure

Year 6 – Science

Year 6 have enjoyed learning about refraction this week in their science lessons. We were fascinated to discover that we could use a prism to refract light which made a rainbow appear. #science #Grammarsaurus

Year 6 – Reading

Wow!  How amazing is this!  The author of the ‘Planet Omar’ books, Zanib Mian, replied to our Year 6 post about Hassan’s fabulous entry in the Year 6 reading journal!  She agreed with us about all the fantastic details he has included!  Thank...
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