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Year 4 – Awards

Hi-Yah!  Zariya, in Year 4, has been attending Taekwondo sessions and is quite the expert!  Recently, she took part in a competition and out of the 33 competitors in her group, she came 2nd and took the silver medal!  What a superstar!  Many congratulations Zariya, we are so proud of you!

Year 4

Reception – RE

This week, Cherry class have been preparing for Eid! We have been making and writing Eid cards to our friends and family to show them we care. We also had an Eid party to celebrate the special festival. We all came into school dressed in our party clothes and carried out lots of different activities.

Year 5 – Computing

Today, in Computing, we made a ‘physical’ concept map. We had to get into a circle and decide a concept- we chose a question about the Titanic- ‘How did the Titanic sink?’. We had to remember to take turns and only one person could speak at a time. Mrs Morris contributed the first idea and began with a ball of wool. Each time someone had an idea to contribute, the ball of wool was unwound and passed on, creating a web of ideas. We gathered lots of information about the sinking of the vessel and the best bit was working backwards, winding the wool back up, remembering everything everyone had said.

Year 4 – Science

Year 4 have been experimenting with ice for Science Week, as part of the unit ‘Frozen in time’. We looked at why salt was the best de-icer on a wintery day. We observed what will happen to ice when we changed the variables of the experiment.  We ensured that we did a fair test during each experiment.

Year 1 – Wider Experience

Pine class had an awesome time at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Despite all the walking, the children loved seeing all the different animals.

Year 1 – Geography

As Explorers, Year 1 went on a walk in the local community and explored some human and physical features. They also spoke to members of the community about their role in the community.

Awards – Pen Licence

Look at the joy on their faces!  This lovely lot received their pen licences for super handwriting and presentation.  Some received their level 3 and others level 4, whilst there was one level 5 pen licence – the top level!  What superstars – finishing off the term with a bang!  Well done!

Year 6 – PSHE

Year 6 were so lucky to have a visit from Jude, from The Peace Museum, who delivered a fantastic, thought provoking workshop about propaganda. We learned about the importance of checking facts and not believing everything we see and read online. #PeaceMuseumUK #Year6

Year 6 – English

Amelia has loved reading A Pinch of Magic by @MHarrison13! It’s now one of her favourites and we’ve ordered the set for our class library. #Year6 #Readingforpleasure
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