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Well done to Amaayah and Aariya on receiving a Headteacher’s Award for the super progress they have made with their writing this year!  They have been working hard during Drawing Club and it shows!  Take a look at their beautiful writing, I’m sure you’ll agree that our two reception superstars thoroughly deserve their awards!


Well done to Nicole and Ifrah who have just managed to secure their Level 5 pen licences before the summer holidays – Well done girls!  Their handwriting, in all their books, is flawless and we are sure they will keep it up in year 6!


To celebrate all the hard work from children this year we were treated to our very own session on the inflatables. The children had a fantastic time bouncing, sliding and climbing. Whilst we were waiting in the queue, we sang lots of songs linked to the books we have learnt about this year. Please ask your child ‘What shall we do with a naughty pirate?’

Year 3 – Spanish

Year 3 have been learning all about ice cream in Spanish this term. We have learnt how to say 10 different flavours and know how to ask for a cone or a tub of ice cream. Our favourite as a class is “un helado de chocolate” which is chocolate ice cream!  #Spanish #LanguageAngels

Year 6 – Art

In Art and Design, this week year 6 have been learning about the difference between shades and tints. They then experimented with making shades of green by adding black and tints of green by adding white.

Year 6 – Geography

In Science, year 6 have enjoyed learning about electricity this half term. To end the topic, the children have researched renewable and non-renewable sources of energy and then created fantastic information pages.

Year 4 – Spanish

Year 4 have been learning about ‘The Cafe’ in Spanish. We have been learning the names of different foods and drinks.  #Español #¡Hola!

Year 6 – Spanish

Our last unit in Spanish this year is La Ropa – Can you guess what we have been learning about? #Year6 #Spanish

Year 6 – Spanish

Year 6 have been learning about the different rooms in the houses during our Mi Casa unit in Spanish #Year6 #Spanish

Year 4 – DT

Year 4 have been learning about the artist Romera Britto as part of the theme Picture our Planet. Being inspired by his work, they created a collage using fabric and used the layering technique to make wonderful collages of their own.

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