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Year 6 – English

Our Year 6’s were so excited to hear back from one of their favourite authors @tompalmerauthor !  Thank you so much for taking the time to get back to our children, it really does motivate them to read!  #everylittlehelps #tompalmer #thankyou

Year 1 – Art

Inspired by the artist Cesar Manrique, Year 1 made their own wind toys. We then took them outside to see if they worked in the wind! #Dimensions #Art

Reception – English

Welcome to the jungle salon! This week, the children in Reception are reading Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae and we have loved learning facts about all the different animals. At the salon, the children have loved styling their manes and tails. We have even pretended to paint our claws.

Year 4 – Science

Year 4 have been exploring magnets in Science. They used bar magnets to test whether objects were magnetic or non-magnetic.

Year 2 – English

In English, Year 2 have been enjoying orally rehearsing the story of Pirate Mouse. They have been fantastic at ordering pictures and writing sentences to create a story map.


As part of our drive to support our local community acquire key life skills, a digital class is held in school for parents and members of the community.  This helps them to develop skills not only to support their own children but also improve their own knowledge in the long term.  #lifelonglearning #partnership #digitalskills

Year 6 – Wider Experiences/English

Year 6 loved hearing all about @tompalmerauthor new book the Angel of Grasmere this morning! Mrs Cockroft has ordered a copy for class and they can’t wait to read it! We watched some very moving videos about the events of Dunkirk and the effects war can have on people.

Year 1 – Maths

In Year 1, the children have been learning about volume. The children had a plastic cup and a jug of water. As they poured water into their cups, they described the volume of water using phrases such as “empty”, “nearly empty”, “nearly full” and “full”. #WhiteroseMaths

SMSC – Working with the Community

We host a variety of community classes in our dedicated adult learning space, The Qube,  this week our sewing class was in full swing with material being cut, ready to be sewn into completed outfits!  #communitypartnerships #sewingclass
king with the community

Stars of the Week

We are so proud of our most recent ‘Stars of the Week.’  Ismaeel, Ismaeel, Talha, Zaina Noor, Umaiyah and Tayab have been working incredibly hard in their classes and have produced some amazing work!  Well done to all of you and keep it up!

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