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Year 5 – Computing

Today, in Computing, we made a ‘physical’ concept map. We had to get into a circle and decide a concept- we chose a question about the Titanic- ‘How did the Titanic sink?’. We had to remember to take turns and only one person could speak at a time. Mrs Morris contributed the first idea and began with a ball of wool. Each time someone had an idea to contribute, the ball of wool was unwound and passed on, creating a web of ideas. We gathered lots of information about the sinking of the vessel and the best bit was working backwards, winding the wool back up, remembering everything everyone had said.

Nursery – Computing

This week, in Nursery, we have been taking turns on our class computer. First, we talked about how to use the computer and how to stay safe. We talked about what we needed to do if something came up that we were unsure about. We then had a go at selecting the the different tools and using them to draw and write. It was lots of fun!

Year 4 – Computing

Year 4 have been learning about internet safety as part of Internet Safety Day. We looked at technology through time and then made a leaflet on Purple Mash. #internet safety #purplemash #esafety

Year 2 – Computing

This week, in Computing, Year 2 have been creating a leaflet using Purple Mash explaining what the internet is and how to search for information.

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