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Year 4 – DT

Year 4 have been learning about the artist Romera Britto as part of the theme Picture our Planet. Being inspired by his work, they created a collage using fabric and used the layering technique to make wonderful collages of their own.

Year 5 – DT

Year 5 have been learning about the impact of textile waste on the environment, so they decided to "up-cycle" some of their old, existing clothes using tie-dye. They decided this was better for the environment than buying new clothes, plus they look fab! #environment...

Year 3 – DT

This week we have been busy designing and starting the making process of a 3D mask of one of the Big 5 in Africa - a lion, inspired by Julie Taymor. We created papier mache using balloons, PVA glue and lots of newspaper. It got very messy!...

Year 5 – Design Technology

This week, Year 5 have really enjoyed their DT lessons. They designed their own models of a Golden Bridge, taking inspiration from local bridges and then built them using lollypop sticks, wood and string. The best part was using a saw to cut the wood down to the right...

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