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Expressive Arts & Design (EAD)

At Brackenhill, Expressive Arts and Design play a vital role in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. We provide children with opportunities to unleash their creativity and imagination through activities such as drawing, painting, role-playing and storytelling!

Children freely express themselves and explore their ideas by engaging in artistic and creative activities, learning to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in non-verbal ways. This is particularly beneficial for children who may find it challenging to express themselves verbally. Activities such as painting, drawing, cutting, and sculpting help children develop their fine motor skills, which are crucial for tasks such as writing. Additionally, activities that involve movement and dance contribute to the development of gross motor skills and coordination.

Through exposure to various forms of art, music, and dance from different cultures, children develop an appreciation for diversity and cultural heritage. They learn to respect and celebrate differences, fostering a sense of inclusivity and understanding. This also encourages children to think critically and solve problems. They learn to experiment, make decisions, and adapt their ideas, all of which are essential skills for future academic and personal success. Our children create collages, models and use musical instruments whilst learning new songs and rhymes they can sing to one another. Through various times during the year, our children are also given the opportunity to participate in school performances and assemblies. Not only does this boost their self-confidence and self-esteem, as they see their creations come to life and receive positive feedback from peers and teachers, they become more willing to take risks and express themselves creatively in other areas of their lives.

We therefore believe that Expressive Arts and Design is integral to the holistic development of young children. Through a rich and varied curriculum, supported by knowledgeable and passionate educators, we inspire and nurture the creative talents of each child, laying the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of the arts and a confident, imaginative approach to learning and life.

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