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English Writing

Year 6 – English

Amelia has loved reading A Pinch of Magic by @MHarrison13! It's now one of her favourites and we've ordered the set for our class library. #Year6 #Readingforpleasure

Reception – English/Wider Experiences

In Reception, we love reading traditional tales in our setting and enjoy bringing them to life. This week, Reception became immersed in the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' as our special visitor transformed into the mean troll! The children really enjoyed...

Reception – English

This week the reception children held their year group assembly, which was all about Elmer! We have been busy rehearsing the Elmer Song, the Washing Machine song and Happy Birthday to Elmer. Did you know Elmer turned 34 years old this year? The children then put on...

Year 3 – English

For World Book Day, Year 3 took part in an exciting zoom with the talented author, Micheal Morpurgo. The children heard a chapter of one of Micheal's books and learnt about some of the lions in Africa. #WorldBookDay2024 #MichealMurpurgo

Year 4 – English

It was all about World Book Day today! In year 4, the children had lots of fun creating comic strips, using their own characters and adding a funny unexpected ending. They also used expression templates to add detail to their work. a

Year 5 – English/History

Year 5 spent an afternoon with the wonderful Alex Fellows, diving into the world of the Romans through role play. They created battle formations, acted out a Roman market and even recreated the story of the name that no Roman wanted to hear... Boudicca. #history...

Year 5 – English Writing

Year 5 used role play to bring to life a conversation between King Prasutagus and his wife, Boudicca. They focused on the delivery of the King's lines as he was dying, before brainstorming adverbs to describe how the King spoke. We think they did a fantastic job of...

Year 1 – English Writing

Year 1 children wrote a setting description for the land they designed. We were very impressed with the adjectives the children used. Well done Year 1!

Year 6 – English Writing

Year 6, have been working extremely hard during their English lessons this week. They have been trying to use ambitious vocabulary and different types of figurative language to describe a street scene during World War 2. We are delighted with their descriptions. Here...

Year 1 – English Writing

Year 1 had a visitor....It was the big bad wolf! We asked him some questions to investigate what happened with the three little pigs.
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