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by Thu,Oct,2022

Year 2 – Geography

In Year 2, we have been looking at human and physical features in our Geography lessons. Children have created their own treasure maps including some of the features we have been looking at. #Dimensions #Land Ahoy #Geography

Year 5 – English Reading

Hey there fellow bookworms, are you ready for World Book Day? In Aspen we are ready to dive into a world of books, where adventures await and imagination knows no bounds! Check out our stats from our epic February reading journey, let’s see what March brings.

Reception – Music

Reception children are really enjoying music sessions delivered by Mr Morrison every Tuesday. They have been learning all about rhythm. They have joined in with moving to music that has long and short sounds.

Pen Licences

Well done Hiba, Safah and Reza who have all achieved the next stage of their pen licence journey!  Their handwriting and presentation is beautiful to behold!  Well done!

Nursery – Computing

This week, in Nursery, we have been taking turns on our class computer. First, we talked about how to use the computer and how to stay safe. We talked about what we needed to do if something came up that we were unsure about. We then had a go at selecting the the different tools and using them to draw and write. It was lots of fun!

Year 6 – English Reading

Hassan has done an excellent job of creating his page for Rowan’s Reading Journal. He chose Ultimate Rocket Blast by @Zendibble, which is a class favourite. The children loved reading his information about the author and they now understand why there are so many science links in the series! #reading #Year6

Year 2 – Geography

In Year 2, we have been learning about Madagascar. Did you know Madagascar is famous for it’s vanilla? It supplies 80% of the world’s natural vanilla! Here are some facts we have found out so far.

Year 4 – PSHE

Year 4 had a fantastic time visiting the Police museum when it came to school. We learnt all about how the police force uniform and equipment has changed over time and lots of facts about the Victorian era and how they laws and punishments changed since then for the better!  #lawandorder #britishvalues #police

Reception – Maths

This week, the children in Reception are learning all about counting, ordinality, cardinality and composition of numbers up to 6 through the White Rose Maths scheme and NCETM programme. They have really enjoyed exploring and making the number 6 in different ways.

Year 6 – English Writing

Year 6, have been working extremely hard during their English lessons this week. They have been trying to use ambitious vocabulary and different types of figurative language to describe a street scene during World War 2. We are delighted with their descriptions. Here are a couple of examples of the fantastic work that they have produced.

Year 5 – PSHE

In today’s blog post, we are going to talk about an important topic – mental health. Sometimes life can be overwhelming, and it’s crucial to learn effective coping mechanisms to help us navigate through challenging times. One popular tool we looked at in Year 5 is that many people find it helpful to use stress balls. These small, squishy balls can be squeezed and manipulated, allowing us to release tension and stress!

Year 4 – Computing

Year 4 have been learning about internet safety as part of Internet Safety Day. We looked at technology through time and then made a leaflet on Purple Mash. #internet safety #purplemash #esafety

Stars of the Week – SMSC

Well done to our winners of the ‘Star of the Week’ award last week!  They have all worked exceptionally hard and we are really proud of their achievements – keep up the good work!

Year 1 – Maths

As mathematicians, Year 1 have explored doubles in different ways. We rolled dice to spot doubles. Then used cubes and magic mirrors. Then we used numicon to double the amount. #WhiteRoseMaths #practical

Year 1 – Art

The three little  pigs didn’t feel safe living in the same town as the wolf. Year 1 created a new land for the wolf to live in. Take a look at their excellent drawing skills.


Well done to our latest recipients of pen licences!  Some children have moved up to having a level 4 or 5 pen and some have achieved level 3 after showing lots of dedication and hard work!  Keep it up!

Year 3 – DT

This week we have been busy designing and starting the making process of a 3D mask of one of the Big 5 in Africa – a lion, inspired by Julie Taymor. We created papier mache using balloons, PVA glue and lots of newspaper. It got very messy!

#Year3  #DimensionsCC  #Art   #JulieTaymor  #LionKing  #3Dmasks

Year 5 – Science

This week, Year 5 conducted a science investigation to determine which exercise has the greatest impact on our heart rates. Our scientists were thorough in ensuring it was a fair test and even used stethoscopes to measure their pulses, before creating a digital line graph using Purple Mash! #dimensionscc #scientists #investigations

Year 2 – Maths

Year 2 have been celebrating Number day! We have been playing games using a dice to count and we have been looking at shapes and their properties. We have created our own repeating patterns using shapes.


Year 4 – Art

Year 4 have been learning about Banksy and his work in art. We learned how he uses his art to give his opinion about events that are happening in the world. Children also imitated this style and drew images to portray slavery.  They added key words to their images #banksy #art #meaningful

Year 6 – Geography

As Geographers, Year 6 used our atlas skills to locate physical features of the UK and located the tallest mountains in the 4 countries. We then located mountains from across the world. To help us visualise their size, we used cubes and noticed that the mountains in the UK are actually quite small! #geography

Year 6 – Science

As scientists, Year 6 investigated which ‘beaks’ are best adapted to pick up different types of ‘seeds’ this week, linked to our work on evolution and inheritance. The investigation was great fun and helped us understand how Darwin came to his conclusions. #Grammarsaurus #year6 #science
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