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by Thu,Oct,2022

Reception – Science

This week in Reception, we had a very special delivery! Children were excited to learn that our butterfly garden kit had arrived!
The children looked through the equipment and listened carefully to instructions on how to look after some baby caterpillars. They were very gentle and eagerly learnt all about the life cycle of a butterfly. We discussed what they might eat and read some of our favourite stories that feature them, such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle & Tadpole’s Promise by Jeanne Willis. Stay tuned to see how some of our favourite little creatures develop!


Well done to our amazing Stars of the Week!  Zayn, Zakariya, Inaya, Raya, Haider and Ayaan have been working hard this week and really deserve this recognition!  We are so proud of our stars!

Year 5 – DT

Year 5 have been learning about the impact of textile waste on the environment, so they decided to “up-cycle” some of their old, existing clothes using tie-dye. They decided this was better for the environment than buying new clothes, plus they look fab! #environment #textilewaste #pollution #savetheearth

Year 3 – English

This half term Year 3 had the opportunity to virtually meet the author Jion Sheibani! The children were able to interact with her in a lively discussion about her works and creative process. She then guided them in a drawing session, encouraging them to visualise and illustrate scenes from her books. This experience not only deepened their understanding of her stories but also inspired them to explore their own creativity. Take a look at some of the amazing photos we got from the visit!

Year 4 – Design Technology

As part of our Viking Warrior topic, Year 4 designed and created trousers for a Viking ready to go into battle. We used different materials and decorated them; we applied our skills of cutting different types of material safely.

Here are some of our creations:

Summer Fair

The Summer Fair was a resounding success this year!  Our families and local communities were able to enjoy an array of activities including a bouncy castle, hook a duck, mehndi, tombola and our ever-popular Brackenhill Cafe!  The Brackenhill Friendship group and staff were on hand to man the stalls and we were inundated with vistors!  It was an amazinng event and we raised a whopping £2000!  This will be used to support the children in school with their learning.  A huge thank you to the brilliant Brackenhill Friendship Group, our superb staff and of course our amazing families and children, who made this all possible.

Reception – Geography

This week, the children in Reception went on a local walk. They observed various types of houses and shops in the neighborhood. The children were excited to explore their community and learn more about their surroundings. They also enjoyed interacting with local shopkeepers and residents, which added a real-world context to their learning experience. One of the residents let us smell her lavender plant!

Year 3 – Geography

In Geography, Year 3 have been learning about different maps. This week we looked at OS maps and located different places in Bradford. We had to work out what the symbols on the map meant by using a key. #Dimensions #Geography

Year 6 – History

After Year 6’s visit from Roger Nowell (Justice of the Peace for Pendle) last week, we have begun to analyse the evidence of the witch trial to help us decide if the verdict was indeed the correct one! @DimensionsCC #Pendlewitches

Year 5 – Maths

Year 5 took their maths outdoors to solve an anagram on the school field using coordinates! The field was split into a grid and they used their knowledge of coordinates to find the hidden letters, whilst avoiding the “fake letters” that had been deliberately placed on the wrong coordinates!

Reception – Art/Geography

“This half term we have used the book “Let’s Build a House” by Mick Manning to inspire our fun activities. The children have been busy creating house collages and learning all about our city and the people in our community.”

Year 6 – History

This week, year 6 have learned about the ‘Pendle Witch’ Trials that took place in Lancashire in 1612 in a drama workshop delivered by Mr Fellows. We found the activities extremely exciting and informative. We now know about some of the main people involved and the reasons why they were accused of using witchcraft. #Dimensionscurriculum #Pendlewitches #History

Year 2 – Art

As part of our Seasons project, Year 2 have been out exploring. We collected lots of natural resources from our wildlife garden and created a piece of art inspired by summer.

Elmer – Wider Experiences

Children in Elmer class were very lucky to be able to explore the back of the fire engine that came to school this week.
They enjoyed looking around the fire engine at the different parts and Benjamin was amazed at how big the wheels were!

Year 5

This week, Year 5 have been researching ancient Egyptian jewellery. They looked to Cleopatra for inspiration before designing their own neck collars adorned with precious jewels. They made sure they incorporated the classic repeated geometric lines and symmetry that ancient Egyptian jewellery was renowned for.

Year 1 – Science/Art

The next day, we looked at Mary Anning’s fossil discovery – the Plesiosaur skeleton – and used straw to make the bones and shape of this discovery. Finally, we uncovered fossils and carefully brushed the sand away, just like Mary had to do! #MaryAnning

Reception – English

This week, the children have been learning all about bees for #WorldBeeDay. We have been learning all about honeybees through our text Bumble Bear by Nadia Shireen. We have created our own bees, learnt how bees make honey and pretended to be the Queen Bee in our fairy garden. The children have had so much fun!

Reception – Design Technology

The children in Reception went to the field this week and flew their kites high in the sky! The children have loved making their own kites in class and really wanted a chance to take them outdoors. We took the children to the field and let them run with their kites up. The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience!


Congratulations to Aiyat-Noor, Aizah, Liyah, Zille-Abbas and Ibrahim for receiving the ‘Star of the Week’ for their year groups.  They have shown dedication and hard work; they thoroughly deserve recognition for their efforts – well done!

Wider Experiences

We would like to thank Ms. Helen Metcalf, our previous Headteacher, for her kind donation that allowed us to decorate our reception area.  I’m sure you’ll agree it is very inviting and we know the children love it!  Thank you, Ms. Metcalf, from everyone at Brackenhill!

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