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by Thu,Oct,2022

Year 1 – Music

Year 1 has been interpreting some symbols that are used in music. When we saw ‘f’ we played our instruments loudly and when we saw ‘p’ we played our instruments quietly. #Music #Dimensions #Forte #Piano

Reception – Maths

This week, the children in Reception have been having lots of fun when counting with diamonds and dice! The children had to roll a six sided dice and place the corresponding number of diamonds on their ten’s frame. The first to reach ten diamonds wins. It became very competitive amongst children and the adults!

Year 3 – Science/Geography

On Thursday, Willow class went on a trip to York Chocolate Story and had the best time. We learnt a lot about the history of chocolate production and how chocolate is made from a cocoa pod into a chocolate bar. We learnt about how it can be changed from a solid to a liquid and back to a solid again. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed making chocolate lollies and especially getting to eat lots of it!
#Year3 #YCS #DimensionsCC #Science #StatesofMatter

Year 3 – Art

Ash class have been learning about the Persian War between Greece and the Persian Empire. We learnt about trireme warships and used our art skills to sketch one after researching them on our chromebooks. #AncientGreece #Dimensions #Art

Year 4 – Awards

Hi-Yah!  Zariya, in Year 4, has been attending Taekwondo sessions and is quite the expert!  Recently, she took part in a competition and out of the 33 competitors in her group, she came 2nd and took the silver medal!  What a superstar!  Many congratulations Zariya, we are so proud of you!

Reception – RE

This week, Cherry class have been preparing for Eid! We have been making and writing Eid cards to our friends and family to show them we care. We also had an Eid party to celebrate the special festival. We all came into school dressed in our party clothes and carried out lots of different activities.

Year 5 – Computing

Today, in Computing, we made a ‘physical’ concept map. We had to get into a circle and decide a concept- we chose a question about the Titanic- ‘How did the Titanic sink?’. We had to remember to take turns and only one person could speak at a time. Mrs Morris contributed the first idea and began with a ball of wool. Each time someone had an idea to contribute, the ball of wool was unwound and passed on, creating a web of ideas. We gathered lots of information about the sinking of the vessel and the best bit was working backwards, winding the wool back up, remembering everything everyone had said.

Year 4 – Science

Year 4 have been experimenting with ice for Science Week, as part of the unit ‘Frozen in time’. We looked at why salt was the best de-icer on a wintery day. We observed what will happen to ice when we changed the variables of the experiment.  We ensured that we did a fair test during each experiment.

Year 1 – Geography

As Explorers, Year 1 went on a walk in the local community and explored some human and physical features. They also spoke to members of the community about their role in the community.

Awards – Pen Licence

Look at the joy on their faces!  This lovely lot received their pen licences for super handwriting and presentation.  Some received their level 3 and others level 4, whilst there was one level 5 pen licence – the top level!  What superstars – finishing off the term with a bang!  Well done!

Year 6 – PSHE

Year 6 were so lucky to have a visit from Jude, from The Peace Museum, who delivered a fantastic, thought provoking workshop about propaganda. We learned about the importance of checking facts and not believing everything we see and read online. #PeaceMuseumUK #Year6

Year 6 – Reading

@tompalmerauthor is a class favourite in Rowan. Mrs Cockroft and the children love his work! Isra choose to review D-Day Dog in our scrapbook after reading it and has done a brilliant job! #Year6 #Readingforpleasure

Year 3 – Science

To end Science week, Ash class investigated displacement. We dropped plasticine into the water and timed it until it sank. Each time we flattened it to see if it sank slower or floated. #ScienceWeek #Dimensions

Year 3 – Science

This week, Ash class explored floating and sinking in science. We gathered different items and predicted if they would float or sink. Then, we conducted the experiment and wrote up our conclusions. #ScienceWeek #Dimensions

Year 5 – Art

Children in Year 5 have designed their own Roman Villas, making sure they included key features like columns and arched windows. #Dimensions #Romans #Art

Mother’s Day – Community

Thank you to all our lovely mums, grandmas and other family members who took part in our mother’s day event earlier this month.  Everyone enjoyed the delicious food, fantastic creative arts activities and sports events.

Year 1

RAWR! Year 1 had an amazing day when they visited the dinosaurs in ‘Pangea’ at The Yorkshire Wildlife Park. #YorkshireWildlifePark #dinosaurs

Reception – English

This week the reception children held their year group assembly, which was all about Elmer! We have been busy rehearsing the Elmer Song, the Washing Machine song and Happy Birthday to Elmer. Did you know Elmer turned 34 years old this year? The children then put on their biggest smiles as we showcased our Elmer artwork and performed for the children in Key Stage 1 and our grown ups – thank you for coming!

Year 6 – Science

Year 6 have enjoyed learning about refraction this week in their science lessons. We were fascinated to discover that we could use a prism to refract light which made a rainbow appear.

#science #Grammarsaurus

Year 3 – Geography

In our Athens Vs Sparta unit, Year 3 have been working together in teams to play map memory with a map of Greece. It was tough as some of the names of the places were hard to remember.  Whichever team remembered the most places in Greece, won! #AncientGreece #MapMemory

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