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At Brackenhill Primary School, we are dedicated to growing future leaders who will make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live.  To prepare them for this, we offer a variety of leadership roles in school.  Below are just some of the roles that our pupils can undertake.

Pupils have the opportunity to apply for the role of ‘Prefect’ in school.  These pupils support assemblies, help out at parents’ evenings, act as role models for other pupils and support younger pupils as part of their responsibilities.  However, they are always on hand to support the school as needed.

 Pupils assume the role of ‘Restorative Champions’ in school.  They have undertaken rigorous training to ensure that they are fully able to carry out their responsibilities.  Pupils use their skills to support their peers to resolve conflicts and repair relationships.  They are models for behaviour and support the school in having a positive and happy environment.

Our Junior Leadership Team goes through a selection process consisting of an application, class vote and interview before being recruited to the role.  Pupils meet regularly with the class to discuss important issues in school and then feed this back to various staff across school.  They ensure that pupils’ voices across school are heard and where appropriate, actions implemented.

Pupils can also apply to become a ‘Sports Leader’ in school.  As part of this role, pupils undergo a full training programme and go on to support sports in school, whether at break or lunch or in lessons, they are on hand to provide their expertise and knowledge.

 Pupils can undertake various other leadership roles in school within their own classes, such as ‘Subject Advocates’ and ‘Monitors’ to name but a few.  We aim to provide our children with the skills to prepare them to be leaders in the future.

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