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Senior Leadership Team
HeadteacherMrs N Ishtiaq
Deputy HeadteacherMs S Mir
Assistant HeadteacherMs R Khanum
Assistant Headteacher & SEND CoordinatorMr T Parker
School Business ManagerMrs R Driver


Pastoral Team
Learning MentorMiss L Thomas
Behaviour & Mental Health ChampionMiss J Lawrence
Home School Liaison OfficerMrs R Akhtar
Home School Liaison OfficerMrs S Shah


School Office
PA to Headteacher and SLTMiss E Lofthouse-Blundell
Office ManagerMrs M Riley
Clerical Assistant – PastoralMr S Khan
Clerical Assistant – FinanceMrs S Hepton
ReceptionistMrs K Charles (AM only)
Library & Resource AssistantsMrs A French
Site ManagerMr C Petre
Assistant Site Manager Mr M McDonnell


Nursery & Reception
NurseryClass TeacherMiss T Bulmer
NurseryEYFS PractitionerMiss N Khatoon
NurseryEYFS PractitionerMs L Newman
Reception CherryClass TeacherMrs I Ilyas
Reception CherryEYFS PractitionerMrs A Kiron
Reception OakClass TeachersMs R Khanum
Reception OakClass TeachersMrs S Hamid
Reception OakEYFS PractitionerMrs S O’Connor
Across FoundationTeaching AssistantMiss T Rawson


Year 1
Year 1 PineClass TeacherMiss Q Ali
Year 1 PineLearning Support AssistantMrs Y Simpson
Year 1 SpruceClass TeacherMr J Saunderson
Year 1 SpruceLearning Support AssistantMrs Z Sheikh


Year 2
Year 2 MapleClass TeachersMrs A Yousef
Year 2 MapleClass TeachersMrs T Sharif
Year 2 MapleLearning Support AssistantsMrs S Din
Year 2 HollyClass TeacherMrs E Basharat
Year 2 HollyLearning Support AssistantMiss E Haunch
Year 2 HollyLearning Support AssistantMiss I Alam


Year 3
Year 3 AshClass TeacherMiss K Eccles
Year 3 AshLearning Support AssistantMr Z Akbar
Year 3 WillowClass TeacherMiss A Akhtar
Year 3 WillowLearning Support ApprenticeMr M Sheikh


Year 4
Year 4 CedarClass TeachersMr T Parker
Year 4 CedarClass TeachersMrs G Zeb
Year 4 CedarTeaching AssistantMs S Walker
Year 4 LarchClass TeacherMrs A Tahir


Year 5
Year 5 AspenClass TeacherMiss H Hussain
Year 5 AspenClass TeacherMrs K Morris
Year 5 AspenLearning Support ApprenticeMiss T Raza
Year 5 BeechClass TeacherMrs T Bates
Year 5 BeechLearning Support AssistantMs T Bibi


Year 6
Year 6 SequoiaClass TeacherMrs N Maskeen
Year 6 SequoiaLearning Support AssistantMiss U Hussain/Mrs N Jabeen
Year 6 RowanClass TeacherMrs C Cockroft
Year 6 RowanLearning Support AssistantMrs M Arif


Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Across Key StageHLTAMrs D Brear
Across Key StageHLTAMiss K Henry
Across Key StageHLTAMs K Begum


IT Department
IT Technician ApprenticeMiss S Ahmad
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