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Year 3 – Music

Year 3 were invited to play their recorders and sing at St George’s Hall ‘Come and Play the Halle’ event yesterday. They played two songs on their recorders and sang two songs and did a fantastic job! It was amazing to play and sing alongside the fabulous orchestra! #Music #BradfordMusic

Year 5 – Music

In Music this week, Year 5 have been experimenting with instruments to create sounds inspired by HMS Titanic’s fateful journey. They enjoyed creating meaningful sounds using the xylophone, triangle, maracas, hand drums and wood blocks. #ccdimensions #hmstitanic

Year 1 – Music

Year 1 has been interpreting some symbols that are used in music. When we saw ‘f’ we played our instruments loudly and when we saw ‘p’ we played our instruments quietly. #Music #Dimensions #Forte #Piano

Reception – Music

Reception children are really enjoying music sessions delivered by Mr Morrison every Tuesday. They have been learning all about rhythm. They have joined in with moving to music that has long and short sounds.

Year 6 – Music

This week, year 6 have enjoyed learning to read notes on a stave. They then used their notation skills to play a melody on an instrument.

Year 4 – Music

This week, Year 4 have been learning about the tempo of music and how there is a gradual speed change in music.  The children have really enjoyed experimenting with different types of instruments including: percussion instruments, keyboard and the chime bars. Most importantly, the children have composed their own melody and have also learnt how this can create a happy or sad feeling.

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