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Physical Development

Physical development is a crucial aspect of early childhood education at Brackenhill Primary School, as it lays the foundation for a child’s overall well-being and future success. At this stage of development, children are rapidly growing and refining their motor skills, coordination, and physical abilities. Engaging in various physical activities not only promotes their physical health but also enhances their cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Through structured play, games, and outdoor provision activities, children at Brackenhill have the opportunity to explore and develop their gross motor skills, such as through running, jumping, and climbing etc. These activities not only help build strength, coordination balance and agility etc. but also foster a sense of confidence and independence as children learn to navigate their bodies in different environments.

Additionally, physical development activities encourage teamwork, cooperation, and communication skills as children interact with their peers in group games and sports. These experiences teach our children important life lessons such as sportsmanship, fair play, and resilience, which are essential for success both inside and outside the classroom. Furthermore, physical activity has been shown to have a positive impact on cognitive functioning, including improved concentration, problem-solving abilities, and academic performance. By incorporating movement into the curriculum, Brackenhill creates an environment that supports holistic development, where children can thrive physically, intellectually, and socially.

In essence, prioritising physical development in the early years at Brackenhill Primary School sets the stage for lifelong habits of health and well-being, while also nurturing essential skills and attributes that will serve children throughout their educational journey and beyond.

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