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Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

At Brackenhill, we recognise that children’s PSED is crucial for them to be able to lead healthy and happy lives, and is fundamental to their cognitive development. Pupils by the end of the Reception year are confident to try new activities and show independence and perseverance in the face of challenge. They can explain the reasons for rules, know right from wrong and also manage their own basic hygiene and personal needs, including dressing, going to the toilet and understanding the importance of healthy food choices. This allows them to form positive attachments to adults and friendships with their peers. Once these behaviours begin to form, children are then ready for the next phases of their learning.

From the very beginning, we focus heavily on children’s development in PSED. We ensure coverage of objectives through the Dimensions Curriculum. We also take the lead from children through observation so we may address gaps in these skills as they arise. Our approach means that via dedicated Circle Time we are able to concentrate on specific personal, social and emotional skills that support children in recognising ways to manage themselves and their behaviours. As a result, children are able to show an understanding of their own feelings and those of others, and begin to regulate accordingly. Adults model desirable behaviours in daily interactions, (e.g. turn-taking, waiting, focusing listening and attention, being confident etc.), and children then learn these.

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