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Brackenhill Primary School’s

Restorative Practice (RP) Champions






How will this impact children’s experience at school?

The fundamental belief of Restorative Practice is that people are happier, more co-operative and  productive, and more likely to make positive changes when those in positions of authority do things with them, rather than to them or for them.

Restorative Practice is about improving relationships across school, and repairing the harm caused when something goes wrong.

With this in mind, at Brackenhill have a group of trained specialists (RP Champions), who work both proactively and reactively to support other children.  They have been chosen based on their passion to help others and for being a positive role model for their peers.

The proactive work that the RP Champions do is around friendships, play and community building. We believe that the tighter communities are, the less likely children are to harm or hurt one another. The RP Champions will work proactively at playtimes and lunchtimes to encourage children to play nicely with one another and they ensure that everyone has a friend and is welcome to play. The RP Champions are a very active group, and they work brilliantly alongside the adults who are outside.

When something has gone wrong, or is going wrong, RP Champions work reactively to support children to repair relationships as quickly as possible. The Champions do this by leading a Restorative Circle in a designated area on the playground (a calming and private space where they can have quality conversations).  This ise with the support  of adults on the playground.

The RP Champions  use the 5 key Restorative Questions to help children when things have gone wrong:

What happened?

What were you thinking at the time?

How were you feeling?

Who has been affected?

What needs to be done to make things right?

RP Champion training also helps to develop skills such as effective communication, conflict resolution, active listening, empathy and impartiality. The training can boost confidence and self-esteem, give children a sense of community and empower them to be an active   member of the school.

After completing the training, the RP Champions are given a lanyard to wear at playtimes so they can be easily identified.


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