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Pen Licence

Amaya has successfully moved to Level 2 on our handwriting progression ladder - well done!  It won't be too long now until she moves up to the next rung of the ladder!  Keep it up!

Pen Licence

Well done Zakariya and Maryam! Zak has achieved his Level 4 pen licence while Maryam has achieved Level 3.  Both have worked incredibly hard to improve their handwriting and we are very proud of their achievements - congratulations!

Pen Licence

Congratulations Ayana and Dawood for achieving Level 3 and 4 respectively on our handwriting progression system.  Both have beautiful handwriting and take real pride in the presentation of their work!  Well done!

Pen Licence

Well done to Isra, Ayaan and Arabella all of whom have been working incredibly hard with their handwriting and have now reached level 2 on our handwriting progression system - the advanced pencil!  It won't be too long now before they get their pen licence's - keep up...

February Camps

@bcafc_cf Camps are returning this February. We're also running a multi-sport session at Howard Park. All abilities, for ages 5-14. If you'd like more information please visit the website or contact us via email at office@bcfccommunity.co.uk  

NHS Parent Support Group

In association with Bradford and Craven NHS Mental Health Support Team we are promoting the online parent support group "Raising Yorkshire Puddings". This provides a safe space for parents and carers to share experiences, build positive relationships and receive peer...

Pen License

Congratulations to Farah and Kiran in Year 6!  Both girls have achieved their pen license and are already looking at what they need to do to climb to the next rung of the pen license ladder!  Well done girls - what a great way to start the week!

Pen Licenses

Well done to Yasmin, Inaya, Sharon and Airah, all of whom are now proud holders of the Brackenhill Pen Licence!  All of these girls have been striving for this since they were in Year 3 and every time they had a setback they went away and tried even harder,...

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