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Year 3 – Geography

In Geography, Year 3 have been learning about different maps. This week we looked at OS maps and located different places in Bradford. We had to work out what the symbols on the map meant by using a key. #Dimensions #Geography

Year 6 – History

After Year 6's visit from Roger Nowell (Justice of the Peace for Pendle) last week, we have begun to analyse the evidence of the witch trial to help us decide if the verdict was indeed the correct one! @DimensionsCC #Pendlewitches

Year 5 – Maths

Year 5 took their maths outdoors to solve an anagram on the school field using coordinates! The field was split into a grid and they used their knowledge of coordinates to find the hidden letters, whilst avoiding the "fake letters" that had been deliberately placed on...

Year 1 – English

This week, Year 1 has been retelling the story of Supertato. We explored key words, drew a story map and ordered the story.

Reception – Art/Geography

"This half term we have used the book "Let's Build a House" by Mick Manning to inspire our fun activities. The children have been busy creating house collages and learning all about our city and the people in our community."

Year 6 – History

This week, year 6 have learned about the 'Pendle Witch' Trials that took place in Lancashire in 1612 in a drama workshop delivered by Mr Fellows. We found the activities extremely exciting and informative. We now know about some of the main people involved and the...

Year 2 – Art

As part of our Seasons project, Year 2 have been out exploring. We collected lots of natural resources from our wildlife garden and created a piece of art inspired by summer.

Year 4 – Design Technology

Year 4 have been designing the ideal Viking trousers for a Viking warrior going into battle. Here are some of the children designing a good and bad trousers. They thought about the best materials to use and explained why they chose them.

Year 6 – Awards/English

Zohaib was thrilled to win Rowan's Reading Raffle this half term. He chose Ronaldo as his new book and was so please to receive a delivery at school this morning @footieherobks #readingforpleasure @Cristiano

Year 4 – Wider Experiences

Cedar class had a fantastic time at the Jorvik Viking Centre. We learnt lots of new facts and even got to see artefacts that belonged to the Vikings.

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