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On Thursday, Willow class went on a trip to York Chocolate Story and had the best time. We learnt a lot about the history of chocolate production and how chocolate is made from a cocoa pod. Everyone enjoyed making chocolate lollies and especially getting to eat lots of it!


As part of our Four Seasons project, Year Two have been on a Spring walk in the school grounds looking at all the different plants and birds that are around during Spring time.

Ash class have been learning about the Persian War between Greece and the Persian Empire. We learnt about trireme warships and used our art skills to sketch one after researching them on our chromebooks. #AncientGreece #Dimensions #Art


Hi-Yah! Zariya, in Year 4, has been attending Taekwondo sessions and is quite the expert! Recently, she took part in a competition and out of the 33 competitors in her group, she came 2nd and took the silver medal! Many congratulations Zariya, we are so proud of you!

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