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Year 1 – Science/Art

The next day, we looked at Mary Anning's fossil discovery - the Plesiosaur skeleton - and used straw to make the bones and shape of this discovery. Finally, we uncovered fossils and carefully brushed the sand away, just like Mary had to do! #MaryAnning

Reception – Science

This week, the children in Reception took advantage of the lovely weather and had a visit to our Wildlife Garden. Look at what we found - bird eggs! These were nestled in a very safe place and we made sure we did not disturb the nest around it. We also looked at all...

Year 4 – Science

Year 4 have been experimenting with ice for Science Week, as part of the unit 'Frozen in time'. We looked at why salt was the best de-icer on a wintery day. We observed what will happen to ice when we changed the variables of the experiment.  We ensured that we did a...

Year 3 – Science

To end Science week, Ash class investigated displacement. We dropped plasticine into the water and timed it until it sank. Each time we flattened it to see if it sank slower or floated. #ScienceWeek #Dimensions

Year 3 – Science

This week, Ash class explored floating and sinking in science. We gathered different items and predicted if they would float or sink. Then, we conducted the experiment and wrote up our conclusions. #ScienceWeek #Dimensions

Year 6 – Science

Year 6 have enjoyed learning about refraction this week in their science lessons. We were fascinated to discover that we could use a prism to refract light which made a rainbow appear. #science #Grammarsaurus

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