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Week Commencing: 10th  October 2022

Year 3 – Ash Class


This term, Ash class have been learning about Athletics in P.E.

They have been lucky enough to have our P.E coach, Mr Parkinson, who has been teaching them some new skills and games. This week, the children focused on running. This followed on from their previous lessons where they learnt about and took part in shotput activities and long jump.

They used different equipment in races to focus on working as a team to get back to their team the quickest. First, each team member had to run to a cone and pick it up and bring it back to their team. Then, they used batons and passed it onto the next player in a race to beat the other teams.

They worked so hard, practicing their amazing team work skills as well as their athletics skills. They have progressed so much over the past few weeks!

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