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Week Commencing: 3rd October 2022

Year Group: Nursery

Class: Red Apples and Green Apples


Following on from our learning of Five Minutes Peace by Jill Murphy, this week in Nursery we learnt all about our daily routines. We compared our morning routines and our night time routines. We also talked about our daily routines at school. On Monday we had a pyjama day! Everybody came to school in their pyjamas and we talked about when we wear our pyjamas and what we need to do every morning when we wake up. We talked about how important breakfast is to make sure our brain is working for the day. We then tried pain au chocolat, bagel, toast and different cereals. We also started our school based toothbrushing programme which will become part of our daily routine at school. We discussed how to keep our bodies healthy, including the importance of drinking water, having a good sleep at night, hygiene, exercise and eating healthy.

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