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Following on from our lovely experience from the Shibden Falconry, we continued to work on our theme ‘Windows of the World’. We looked at the different types of settlements (Rural, Nucleated and Urban) and where would Cedar class like to build their village, town or city. A stumbling block arose when a wooded habitat had to be knocked down and we questioned ourselves on whether we could do that and what impact it would have on the animals around? We required some help from some professionals ,that worked with animals, and Chester Zoo came to our help. We organised a 60 minute workshop with the zoo from over the Pennines to help us with our quest. Prior to the workshop, we spoke about the benefits of a zoo and that it was a type of conservationist just like the falconry but on a bigger scale. In the workshop, we spoke about the rainforests around the world and what amazing animals lived there. Unfortunately it came to light that animals all over the world are becoming critical, endangered or extinct because their habitats are being taken away from them. We loved the experience. THANK YOU, CHESTER ZOO.

Cedar class then became curious on what other animals were endangered, so we looked on the www.iucnredlist.org to see if our favourite animals were endangered.


Question: According to the World conservation Union, when are you able to say that an animal is extinct?

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