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Why Brackenhill Primary?

Mental Health

Balanced mental health is key to maximising your child’s learning journey. We have specialised staff and rooms that focus on students mental health to create a safe spaces for them.

Community Relations

At Brackenhill, community is a large part of who we are. We regularly host parent classes, fairs to build relationships families and local businesses too. We even have our own bespoke facilities to accomodate.

Teacher Training

We work with Colleges and Universities to host multiple training teachers and support them on their careers into teaching. Creating bespoke 1-1 sessions to develop, create and maintain skills that will last a liftime.


We accomodate a varied structure of extra-curricular activities to support a balanced lifestyle and develop motor skills. These have included multi-school competitions and wide-ranging afterschool activities.

EYFS Provisions

We have heavily invested in our Early Years to provide a unique and effective learning environment to facilitate their growth during their early development. These include a number of physical spaces and resources.


We beleive in hosting a space for children to develop good habits. One of our core values is Respectful. Respectful to all people, all beliefs, all rights, all property, all rules of law, all environment and their own bodies. 

Bespoke CPD

Using digital technologies we are able to provide a bespoke CPD for all staff that ensures a first-rate teaching and managment enviroment. This underpins our low staff turnover results and securing excellent staff


Our results speak for themselves. Our reading, writing and maths all excell the national average, demonstrating exactly what we can achieved by our school, and with school development plans in place, are expeted to continue building on this avidly.

IT Provisions

Using industry leading equipment and software we are able to strengthen our teaching capabilities and enable exclusive safeguarding provisions. These include, Chromebook, iPads, Interactive boards and much more.

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